India-Pakistan tensions escalate over Kashmir

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India-Pakistan tensions escalate over Kashmir 3.5
Tensions are escalating between India and Pakistan over Kashmir, a disputed territory claimed by both countries. Pakistan retaliated on Wednesday by downgrading its diplomatic relations with India. Michael Kugelman, deputy director of the Asia Program at The Wilson Center, joined CBSN to discuss the latest.

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Lol Micheal thinks Indian Government did this because of Trump's comment. Do you think Indian Government planned this in two weeks and decided to go for it?

Author — LB Metei


Lol usa blocked Cuba with no phone no anything, usa is doing the same in Venezuela now, and trying to do the same in Iran, how is it unprecedented in kashmir?

Author — RC RC


Lmao...this goober blamed Trumps offer of mediation on the escalation between India/Pakistan.

Author — Sean Matheney


First give full empowerment to Native Americans & decolonize the native American place then talk about this.

Author — Areo Deus


lost all of the 4 wars on Kashmir and want to go on to a 5th one

Author — MEME review


suna h ek atakwadi group taliban ne afganistan me tumhari asi tasi kar di h

Author — Hari Singh


india dont care about pakistatn or usa

Author — sanch Sanchayan


Never have I seen so much baloney spouted by someone who has likely never set foot in Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir is more than just the Kashmir Valley which is the hotbed of all organized protests that captures the imagination of those informed through the myopic view of a few media outlets. Step outside the valley and you have ordinary folks that want to live their lives in peace who, far from despising India (as Mr. Kugelman states), welcome growth in investment and opportunity in their areas. These are the folks in Jammu and Ladakh, and some even within the Kashmir Valley. The Kashmir Valley itself is a mere 6, 158 square miles compared to the rest of Kashmir that is 85, 806 square miles.

First, India has not abrogated its constitution to achieve this end; far from it, this has been done through a constitutionally permitted special majority. Second, Kashmir is a part of India by the instrument of accession signed by its ruler in 1947, and its autonomy (granted in 1947) did not contravene its membership within the Indian union. Third, and most importantly, the only ones howling about it seem to be Pakistan and the historically liberal media. Even China issued a statement that is, by its standards, very sedate - not even a summoning of the Indian ambassador to protest.

The reality is, this will likely end up being the event that kick starts Kashmir's integration into the Indian economic engine and the beginning of development and a new generation in Kashmir that sees the economic and social advantages of being a true part of the Indian union

Author — Selucos Nicator


At least US people should not tell others what to do and what to not.

Author — Nikhil Joshi


Don’t trust western news networks on eastern conflicts they will add too much propaganda

Author — Az Slump


once Imran Khan told if Modi wins election kashmir issue will be resolved. now circumstances are developing,

Author — ghufran shareef


Hehehe 😆
Tensions are not rising.
Its high tension always from 1947.
Normal for us.We enjoy other life events side by side.
Daily routine.
Life is like that.

Author — Ashish Koul


Half baked story. Request the channel to research more into the insights before presenting news on such sensitive issues.... What is being portrayed deviates from reality...

Author — Rajat Tandon


Now the President has provoked the un -president-ed.

Author — consulting insultant


as always ...critical of others countries policies ... not surprised given the fact they sent a Carrier battle group against India in 1971 ... and now they want to be friends with us india lol ... why so confused foreign policy ....
i guess they should keep on supporting pakistan who was hiding their beloved Osama as the state guest .... serves them right !

Author — Ms Glossy


Not due Trump's words but was done as part of the election manifesto I strongly feel.

Author — MPKR M


Michael Kugelman Kashmir is not a Country it was a Hindu Kingdom whose ruler King Maharaja Hari Singh legally Acceded to India and signed the Instrument of Accession Document in front of last Governor General of British India Lord Mountbatten



first of all, CBS, why are u adding BUDDHIST LADHAK and HINDU JAMMU as "disputed terr1tory" ????

its only MU$LIM KASHMIR VALLEY. that too 2 out of 8 county of kashmir valley whcih is protesting.


Author — G Joeye


Dear fellow Americans, Removal of Art 370 has been in BJP agenda for long time. It has nothing to do with our President Trump. Indian policy did not move, based on outcome of meetings of two leaders(Pak/US). Removing this Art 370 from Indian Constitution has been election menifesto agenda of BJP party since 1950, from day one, when Nehru brought this Art 370 in Indian parliament, giving Kashmiri special status. Nehru had said then, that it was temporary. Congress party had been ruling India since independence in 1947, but for vote-bank never removed it. So this temorary Article of 370 remained there hurting Indian sentiment. Whole India has been demanding its removal. First time BJP was able to get 2/3rd majority in both Houses of Parliament, so BJP was successful to remove it. Whole India including people of Jammu, Ladhak, Kashmiri Pundits, majority of Kashmiri Muslims are happy. Indians living here are happy. Only handful of Pakistani paid seperatists are unhappy with Daddy Pakistan(Land of impure)!!!!

Author — Amarnath Jha


Yep. They despise the historical and human rights of Hindus in Kashmir, as is evidenced in their horrific support of the murders of Kashmiri Pandits and other non-muslims. Over 500, 000 Kashmiri Pandits force to leave Kashmir because of Islamic threats. What human right's situation? That is long past in 1990. This is just a curfew. A couple of leading seditionists are under house arrest. Furthermore, the Indian Government views all Kashmiris (Kashmiri Pandits, muslim Kashmiris, other people who speak Koshur) as being part of the same Vedic /Dravidian heritage/family (same DNA/Ancestral North Indians and Ancestral South Indians) as the rest of the people of India. It takes no pleasure in the curfew. But it is necessary as a security measure to protect the people. There is no human rights abuse going on. The Indians have food and water and access to medical care if needed.

Author — R v