We Put Leroy In a WIND TUNNEL! The Results Were HILARIOUS!

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We Put Leroy In a WIND TUNNEL! The Results Were HILARIOUS! 5


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"Aerodynamics are for people who can't build engines"
-Enzo Ferrari

Author — MackDaMando Airsoft


wow you don't even need a parachute with that kind of drag.

Author — Electronics For Fun


That moment when Leroy's drag is so bad but still the first stick shift car to run the 7s

Author — RedEdain


I'd love to see Leroy with a custom promod body on.

Author — Atanas Tripzter


500 pounds of lift has got to make for a sketchy ride at 170.

Author — Mercman1010


You guys: freaking out

Blue shirt guy: sitting there on his phone

Author — Swag cat 99


If you've ever ridden a motorcycle with an open face helmet you know how speed actually feels. And how much a small fly can hurt if you're only hitting it fast enough. :D

Author — Bassalicious


Leroy needs a clear body, and a BIG EAGLE on the nose. That was crazy

Author — Jeff Jankiewicz


For anyone wondering just how important aerodynamics is for top speed, consider this fact...

To double your top speed without changing the aerodynamics, you must *quadruple* your power!

Author — S


You always have such a good attitude, like always. I look forward to your videos every day. Thanks for the awesome content

Author — Drop a Gear and Disappear


Leroy wouldn't be Leroy with body panels

Author — Thomas Daugherty


When the fans kick on, the neighbors experience their light dimming and or have a total power outage HAHAHA

Author — Youssef Elmasry


Well if anyone had to let one rip that would have been the best time to do it.

Author — hilham 89


The funniest part is you did nothing to improve its aerodynamics even after this video.

The question is:

WHY NOT Enclose IT??
You don’t want a 7 second car??

Author — sylenceexposed


You guys are experts in CAD...

...Cardboard Assisted Design

Author — SatinSilverStang


He's laughing, but you know he's gonna build a pop-off shell for Leroy now.

Author — ECAConcepts


"What were the odds of that working?!" Pretty high dude XD

Author — Kieron Moore


Drag has relatively little to do with how the wind hits your car but more so to do with how it leaves your car.
The bigger and stronger the area of low air density behind the car, the more drag you create.
You can have the most aerodynamic front end in the world, but if the rear is as flat as the back end of a transit van, you'll have massive drag.

Author — DriftKingNL


Wind tunnel guys "your aero is bad"
Cleetus "pikachu shocked face"

Author — psx2rulz2


Panels outside the cage would probably have less drag than putting it inside like that.

Author — Morgan Tørvolt