(1011) ZK x Digga D x Mskum x Sav'O x Horrid1 - No Hook (Music Video) | Pressplay

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

(CGM) ZK x Digga D x Mskum x Sav'O x Horrid1 - No Hook

Directed + Edited by Pressplay

Beat Produced by P.A Beats

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💬 Comments

Old tune but at least I managed to get the video back up after months of it being blocked from YouTube 👀

Author — Saif


This banger really gets me in my Christmas spirit

Author — Cristi Oglinzeanu


ZK and Digga had the chemistry of two nigerian pastors translating each other from English to Yoruba

Author — Uncle K


2 years later and still one of the hardest tunes in drill !

Author — J


I just recently dove into UK Drill and the moment I discovered this Song I was hooked af. Beat perfect, parts brutal and overall I think I heard it a thousand times now. Absolutely brillant tune. The guitar and piano sample lives Rentfree in my head.

Author — ウンセーン


This is one of the hardest drill songs ever💥

Author — Infinity


I miss when drill sounded like this. Dark and underground. Now it’s all so mainstream and disgusting ugh

Author — Jane Less


This is one of the freshest new sounds to hit the nations turntables in years! I think it will race up the pop charts all the way to the number one slot!!!

Author — Stan Monzon


that "need it" "jeeting" "skeeting" "eating" "mean it" "keep it" "clean it" "bleach it" "leaping" was a mazza rhyme from digga. in my opinion best bar in drill. especially because he emphasized it in the recording with (i believe) him repeating the words over the recording to make them stand out. Cold...

Author — pgonthebeatz


Everyone’s performance on this was 10/10🥶 deffo top 3 drill tune of all time any country

Author — ChrisComz


Everyone’s gangster till horrid pulls up in a wheelchair

Author — All o that all o that


3 years later and this still top 5 all time drill song

Author — Normanhurst recruit


who could imagine today they would have a label🔥

Author — FelpSav


This is mad. This is what all drill should be based off

Author — Dr Citrus


Mad how these guys still bang bare views than artists who haven’t got banned songs, shows they have talent 🔥❄️

Author — LyLuxify


M’Skum’s verse is so underrated, he went in and the back 2 back between ZK and Digga was elite on this track 🥶

Author — SK .1


It’s crazy how good digga was at this age

Author — Schmooglyyy


Lyrics ✨💕

[Intro: Horrid1, Sav’O, Digga D, Mskum]
If they got waps, they ain't got no sweets
'Cause they ain't shot one of my g's
On the opp block, ten toes with my bro
Like tell me who's the next victim
Get round there samurais and waps
J-Sav put his whole rams on your hat
Pull up skrr have them panicking
Pull up skrr like what's happening

[Verse 1: ZK & Digga D]
Yosh got the roll we skrring
Double tap in the back with the German
Clock me an opp, wind down the window
Back out the spinner and burst him
Fucking with me that's curtains
Food get wrapped like turbans
I put bullets in numerous guys
Like, how come the opps ain't learning?
We got bread and got burners
Teewizz got splashed and got murdered
Man get the pack and disperse it
Everything I got man I earned it
If the bridge is weak then I'll burn it
Free Criminal he got birded
That's a L but I know he'll firm itI was vex when I heard that verdict
Chef, chef, swim, dip man down, make him drown in his blood
Knock, knock, boom, never left that trap till I found that grub
OT trips trying to get some funds
We get bread and invest in guns
Them boy run when we tap them drums
Ching, splash, aim for his lungs

[Verse 2: Digga D]
I just put 4 Z's in pebs, plus I got bits for man if they need it
Bitch want dick my G I'm skeeting
Gyal can't tell me about eating, I mean it
Blood on my shank man keep it and clean it
Use hot water and bleach it
Feds tryna chase, got a rams on my waist
See feds coming up and leaping
(You see me, you see it, but since man's on that topic)
Who wants smoke, man back out my shank on violence, I move psychotic
Any skeng on sale man cop it
Drop it, whip it and rock it
Apartment settings with loud from 'Dam
Got Teewizz smelling all tropic
We run West that's facts
Akh, them boy there lie upon tracks
Get round there samurais and waps
J-Sav put his whole rams on your hat
Remember that day in a asa scum
Free YF, try fling it in backs
Opps see gang and dash
Skrr crash, bow khalas

[Verse 3: Mskum]
You don't wanna see Mskum in the cut
With two shanks up
Creep up like Luger, leave man cut
Now the 12's all hot
Welcome to the wild, wild West
Hot stepping in 'Zart that's shanks in chest
Free CJ cah' he aim at necks
Spinners get spun like songs on decks
Pattern gang who they patterning?
Pull up skrr have them panicking
Pull up skrr like what's happening
See man freeze up like mannequin
Try dash and drop, that's embarrasing
Thought it was Mozart marathon
Double tap, bang the ting
Shells go missing like Madeleine

[Verse 4: Sav'O]
Gang lurky that's standard
Four man on two peds, jump off with my shank leave an opp boy splattered
Gyally on me, cause they heard of us
They're like who's that savage?
My bro's them been crashing corn
I don't know for these so called crashers
Got hands on whappers
Back that dots, to the point where you might get smoked
Broski Splash, done step with the shank and more time he's fully on volts
Opps them lying on my name for the clout, they're washed it's a fucking joke
Run man down till he runs out of breath and I dip man down, touch bones
On the opp block ten toes with my bro, like tell me who's the next victim
This rambo here that I'm gripping
It's different, it's about 22 inches
Run man down in their block, backed out my shank make him run from the kitchen
Peng gyal on man, light skin one and I heard it's an opp boy's misses
Us man down for the action
So who wants beef with the gang
Free Striker, had him locked in Scrubs while I was in Felts with Dappz
Run up in the yard and stain that shit, man know that I don't give a dash
The opps are wet, jump out the ride, they run before seeing my shank
Man they run before weapons are backed

[Verse 5: Horrid1]
They see Horrid1 and they panic
He backed out the mash try slap it
Man ducked him down I still stabbed it
Man know that I'm active
I'm a savage
Back out the rams, man know I do damage
Chef man down the pussy is planking
Bitch, suck my dick I ain't bashing
Dishing out Teewizz packs in the ends (Loud)
Man bring that gyal from kway to suck off all of my friends
Man been round there on a 1-2 ped
Lying, 3 double 0 instead
Luger bells in the back with the skeng
Free Jaz and Rago, my bros them mense
Caught Longz on the wing and they smashed his head
Stepped on streets, pepper down beef
Like amm got my phone line running like Creepz
If they got waps, they ain't got no sweets
Cause they ain't shot one of my g's
Them boy there talk to police
Can't believe that I beef these neeks
Gave him 20 shank wounds with the kitchen
And he ain't tryna ride on me
They ain't tryna ride on us
If a boy try run and I catch him
I'll kill him I don't give a fuck (Kill him)
Pretty little face, nice green eyes
Bitch come suck on this cock (Bitch)
I'm the horridest one on the block
Trespass, man are getting shot
Double tap, whip that shit till it rocks (Whip it, whip it)

Author — Sdavail


All the soft melodies in old drill, makes it so comforting to come back to them. so nostalgic when I was a college fresher thinkin a was a badman 😢

Author — Curtis Hibberd


One of the greatest UK drill tracks ever.

Author — LG24s