Crimea: Three years after annexation - BBC News

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Crimea: Three years after annexation - BBC News 3

It is three years since Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine. The BBC's Steve Rosenberg talks to people living there about life under Russian rule.

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It bothers me, back in the 1980s the UK rescued the Falklands from Argentinan Invasion, people in the island were pro-British. Russia comes into Crimea because its people are pro-Russian. Now Russians are the enemy? Such a shame. I support the Russians, they always get so much damn hate from us.

Author — quixoteee


Crimea had been a Russian territory for well over 200 years prior to the administrative transfer to Ukraine arbitrarily decreed by that Soviet leadership in the late 1950s.
Case closed.

Author — Karl Liebknecht


"It is three years since Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine."++++More like, Russia reclaimed a territory that Soviet leader Kruschev (a Ukrainian) gifted away to Ukraine without any input from the residents. Crimea is more than 80% ethnic Russian, anyone thinking they want to rejoin the Ukrainians that unleashed the military might on them to support a junta is just delusional.

Author — magellanmax


Don't forget Crimea was not a city in Ukraine. It was The Republic of Crimea and still is, but in Russia.

Author — X12 RUS


No matter how hard you try to distort it, very high majority of Crimeans favour 'annexation' whether you like it or not.

Author — Pyetrovi


Always plays the Muslim card, when it comes to dissidents. Come on BBC!

Author — Hoiyat Tsoi


"but not everyone is"
who could not be happy to be a part of Rus...
"Allah hu akhbar"

Author — Ak47hash


"Russia moved its most powerfull weapons here".
Aaaand then we see defensive anti-air Grumbles. A big liar can't stop twisting in the detail.

Author — Jack Brennan


Crimea: Three years after reunification - BBC News
There fixed it for ya.

Author — Todd Hopkins


Crimean referendum was clear example of democracy. Vox populi . Yes maybe it had doubtful legitimacy from some point of view. But, as Crimean, I was a witness of greatest will of crimeans to reunification with Russia.
And that attempt was third and successfull. This referendum was preceded with two unsuccessfull attempts to secede from Ukraine: in 1995 and in 2004. Nobody who knows crimeans can't say that it was annexation or occupation. It was democratic choice. Please respect it!

Author — Alex Ryassky


The western back coop ruined Ukraine. Russia saved Crimea.. The people voted and made a good decision to join Russia...

Author — 737tech


"My mother and father were shot and my sweetheart was sent to siberia and now I roam the marshes and roads and I kill Russian tibilas"
The song of the forest brothers.

Author — tiernan wearen


It's a liberation of Crimea, and coming back home to Russia . Glory to Russia !

Author — Incu Bator


She even has t-shirt putin on, why west still doesn’t recognize crimea 😂

Author — Vedat Turkan


Congratulations and stay blessed god bless Russia Russians god give them wisdom knowledge power and smartness
US UK west must re think why is it war with only a country
What for NATO still exist

Author — abhishek Emerson


*The people of Crimea have spoken and they are happy reunited with Russia.* As for Islamic, one was shot dead by "uniformed men" in a French Airport

Author — Phil Dobson


Awesome misinformation!

To get this right, you've got to start from history as far back as 300 years or more - to understand where Crimea belongs. Still this is a huge task because Crimea has been fought over numerous times.

In soviet times Crimea was peacefully parcelled out to Ukraine and the basis for that allocation was administrative convinience! In 1991, a group of self conceited republic leaders unceremoniously break up the USSR with Crimea eventually becoming semi autonomous within Ukraine. Fast forward to 2014 there was a western backed (Maidan) COUP which had far reaching geo political implications. The maidan coup is exactly what triggered the so called 'annexation'. That coup did not bring any serious /tangible benefits to Ukraine. Yet this result was no surprise. For a key objective of the coup was to out manouvoure Russia and have NATO bases in Crimea. Ultimately this did not happen - hence the endless sulking in MSM! Yet, if this had happened, there would not only be a blood bath but probably WW III (because the Russians would be absolutely mad to see NATO in Crimea which historically belongs to them). Who seriously wanted this alternative scenario to 'annexation'?

Author — Muvuma Fred


just like Austria's referendum to join the III Reich : same reasoning, same process: military occupation first, referendum under the gun...- same results 95%...

Author — Thomas Smith


the Crimeans were part of Russia even before the USSR and they voted to return to Russia so if you believe in democracy then you should support this

Author — Lam Wing Fung


Didn't the people of Crimea vote overwhelmingly in favour russia?

Author — Archibald Maule Ramsay