Desmodus ARK Spawn Command | How To Summon Desmodus ARK FJORDUR Code

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ark Desmodus spawn command how to summon a desmodus on ark fjordur evolved spawn code

I will teach you how to use the admin command to tame and spawn in the desmodus in ark survival evolved

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straight to the point and no bs GUIDE, also if you want to see more ARK Quality content, please consider Subscribing it really helps out a lot :)

Author — Jonna-X


I tried a lvl 5000 for a day. After coming back the lvl 5000 dropped down from a 46k health bar to 1.5k health bar.

How is that happening? Every bar dropped down like it is a lvl 150

Author — Jasmijn ariel


for some reason my modded server wasnt spawning in any demsodus XD, only x-tape where the should be spawning XD

Author — Cassie Hartsink


I struggle so much getting this Dino I gave up

Author — Uptennpo Yt


that donne work, we must do the update wich give the fjordur map for that work ?

Author — Nox hallownest