Sound on sound Akai GX-4000D / Reel Echo

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

Efectos de eco y delay estereofónicos obtenidos usando sólo una guitarra eléctrica, una grabadora Akai GX-4000D,un amplificador AMC CVT3030 y unos altavoces Kef.
Stereo echo and delay effects obtained using only an electric guitar, an Akai GX-4000D recorder, an AMC CVT3030 amplifier and Kef speakers.

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Yo tengo una de estas trabaja muy bien

Author — Carlos García


Hey dude, cool video. How can you raise the amount of repetition it makes?

Author — Felipe Ayres


Did this machine need servicing? was it difficult to find or repair parts?

Author — Ruthless CutThroat


You only plug on input and pres rec ? just ?

Author — Heber Geburt