Dissolving Canada?

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Annexation Is Illegal

"Do you give the government of Canada the MANDATE to execute the proposed union with the United States of America?"

The film-makers are wrong. They want you to think you can vote to end this country. This is mass brain­wash­ing, using the mass media.

However, Canada is Parl­ia­ment­ary, not a republic. Sov­er­eign­ty is not in the people, it is in the Crown, which can­not dis­pose of it either di­rect­ly or indi­rectly via "man­date" by ref­er­endum. The Crown has no POWER to abdicate.

Moreover, the Constitution does not operate based on "man­dates", but on POWER.

The question cannot be asked because there is no con­sti­tu­tion­al POWER to annex Canada.

Where there is no pow­er, no step can be taken, including the step of a ref­er­endum. For this same reason, the ref­er­end­ums in Que­bec are il­le­gal. In fact, they are di­rect­ly con­nec­ted to the an­nex­a­tion of Canada to the USA and Mexico to form a North Amer­i­can Union.

Where there is no power, a "man­date" can­not be sub­sti­tu­ted by a vote from the people. Where there is no pow­er, a "pro­cedure" or a "pro­cess" cannot be sub­sti­tuted. Without a POWER in the Con­sti­tu­tion, there can be no man­date, no pro­cedure, and no pro­cess. No POWER means "NO", period.

Confederation Is Permanent

Confederation was designed in 1867 to be per­ma­nent.

Its legal, constitutional PURPOSE was to per­ma­nent­ly pro­hib­it the an­nex­a­tion of Canada to the United States of America, and to make se­ces­sion im­pos­sible by placing Can­a­da's nation­al sov­er­eign­ty in the fed­er­al Parl­ia­ment and CROWN, and not in the Provinces.

An attempt to secede in America (1861-65) re­sult­ed in a vast ci­vil war, which our found­ing fa­thers of Can­a­da had no in­ten­tion of re­peat­ing. They de­signed Con­fed­er­a­tion to be ONE and INDI­VIS­I­BLE on the mon­ar­chi­cal prin­ci­ple in the CROWN. The Con­fed­er­a­tion of 1867 was in fact a WAR MEASURE to pre­vent the an­nex­a­tion of Can­ada to the United States of Amer­ica, forever.

Canadian FEDERALISM of 1867 was also done to PROTECT the Can­a­dian found­ing peo­ples and our cul­tures "for all time to come". The 1,000-year con­sti­tu­tion of the Brit­ish people was there­fore chosen as the model for our own.

Annexation is Treason

In an excerpt from the Debates on Con­fed­er­a­tion of 1865, the Hon­ourable Mr. Walter McCrea, address­ing the Leg­is­la­tive Council of the old Prov­ince of Canada on Mon­day, Feb­ru­ary 13, 1865, declared:
"I cannot close my remarks better than by saying, that had a union of all these provinces existed in fact as it has existed in the minds of statesmen since the commencement of the present century, the man who ... should now propose to dissolve that union and scatter us again into disjointed fragments, would be looked upon as an enemy to his Queen and a traitor to his country. (Cheers.)"

That statement is true today. The annex­a­tion of Can­ada to the USA is crim­i­nal high treason. And they are doing it.

Harper is doing it with Obama. Mul­ro­ney was do­ing it with Rea­gan. Paul Martin, Jr. was doing it with Bush #1.

They are merging our police, our mil­i­tary, our border au­thor­i­ties, and build­ing a multi-­modal con­tin­ent­al rail and high­way sys­tem to merge the Can­a­dian terri­tory, peoples and re­sources into the USA and Mexico for their benefit, not ours.

They will then merge North America with Cen­tral and South Amer­i­ca. Over a bil­lion people, most of them not Cana­dians, with no roots here and no Can­a­di­an her­i­tage, will be free to roam the West­ern Hem­is­phere.

Harper and the North American Union sig­na­tor­ies are right now merg­ing Can­a­da with Eu­rope into a trans­at­lantic ver­sion of con­ti­nent­al union that will open our bord­ers to every­one from over there.

In addition, you will carry a chip like a sheep or a cow and be tracked wher­ever on Earth you go, as a con­di­tion of re­mov­ing the world's national borders!

Political parties pretend to "oppose" the North American Union to buy time to finish it. They are all involved in it! Mean­while, the traitors in our de facto Parl­ia­ment hold secret meet­ings out of the camera's eye in Banff, Al­ber­ta or else­where, work­ing to­geth­er with America's traitors to des­troy Canada and Amer­i­ca.

The Auto Pact, Free Trade, NAFTA, the SPP, every step of the way, are nul­li­ties: VOID, UNCON­STI­TU­TIONAL and ILLE­GAL because they are STEPS toward an il­legal pur­pose: an­nex­a­tion.

A referendum at the end of it all, exploit­ing the Canadian people to seem to give a "man­date" is a ploy to absolve the per­pe­trat­ors of dec­ades of HIGH TREASON.

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What's the original short film called?

Author — Rippo Ripper


If this ever does become a reality, I will fight with my last breath, to keep Canada for Canadians by any means necessary.

Author — Marty.R Woodcock


Lol whay makes thre royals so special huh? They should just become a republic

Author — Icelegacy


The way the Canadian economy is booming I would have thought the Americans would love to join in a Union with Canada ...as 50 provinces LOL

Author — Gooners Rule