Samsung How To Enter Recovery Mode - Android 11 / OneUi3

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In this short video you can find quick trick how to enter recovery mode on Samsung phones using Android 11 & OneUi 3. With coming update to OneUi 3, Galaxy S20 series can't enter recovery by simply hold Volume Up + Power buttons. That's why we use simple tip, plug usb C headphones and after that hold Volume Up and Power Buttons. You can also enter recovery by turn off phone plug usb to charge it, when charging icon appear hold Volume Up + Power Buttons and you will be there.

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Make a note for whoever needs to go to recovery mode on S10(it has regular headphones, not usb-c)!
They need to power off the phone, plug the phone to a pc using data cable, press and hold volume up+bixby key+power key....and you will enter recovery mode!

Author — costynel83


Thank you for the trick. I thought my device suddenly had the problem after android 11 update.

Author — sandeepkhopade


Thank you for the tips 👍👍i was blocked 👍😉

Author — Lescorpion77


Finalmente alguien que si sabe !!! Graciasss

Author — Sebastián


Thanks a lot for the tip, great job 👍

Author — delom4ever


lol as if this worked haha thanks man just updated to one ui 3.0 on my note 20 ultra 5g this morning and gotta clear cache when ya update to a new os

Author — andrew cairns


another thing you can use in order to enter recoveryy mode after this update if you dont have a usb c headphones is your regular charging cable plugged into a pc

Author — Amine


Thank u, u helped me a lot, great videos

Author — A ISM


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! No one told me about the headphone trick!!!

Author — Letizia Porfiri


Thanks Very Much Brp
You helped me a lot❤❤❤🔥

Author — محمد الصافي


Thanks, worked for me after connecting usb cable to pc

Author — Owes Inamdar


Someone help me I did everything, I have a laptop but the laptop does not recognize my mobile :( what do someone who gives me information do, it was normal to update it and out of nowhere it would not turn on and I despaired.

Author — Axel Jafet


And i though that my note 10 plus had a problem after updating to Android u so much for the tip.

Author — Αλέξανδρος Θεολόγου


Sir is this working on note 10 lite with android 11?

Author — Rj Asuncion


The intro is a Panzoid's template but GG

Author — Pyro


Will this work with a regular USB-C cable that is not a headphone cable? I only have a USB-A to USB-C cable which I use to connect my M51 to my laptop. Thanks.

Author — RipRocK Bladez


It also works with S10 (Volume Up + Bixby Button + Power), however if you don't have the headphones you can use a normal cable but it has to be connected to something. I checked with a PC but it might be enough to just plug in your charger. I do not see a point why Samsung made it harder to use Recovery Mode...

Author — Michał Jedynak


Thanks a lot, it really works.
Thanks for saving my phone

Author — Khaled Taky


Thanks. It really worrked. GIven a well deserved like. For people who don't have USB C headphones plug in USB cable into Pc and turn off phone, after turning it off completly insert USB Type C port into charging port and try this again.

Author — En Force


Bro I have s10. Recovery mode doesn’t working. Can I try ur way on s10?

Author — Sam Qaz