Blue Angels and Thunderbirds Fly Together Over New York City - Extended Compilation

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Blue Angels and Thunderbirds Fly Together Over New York City - Extended Compilation 4.5

The US Navy Blue Angels and US Air Force Thunderbirds performed a very rare joint flyover above New York City, Trenton, Newark, and Philadelphia on April 28, 2020 to honor health care and essential workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. The teams departed from NAS Pensacola in Florida and were refueling mid-flight by four KC-10 Extenders before returning back to Pensacola.

Flyovers will continue around the country under the name Operation America Strong.

Video and photos courtesy of:
Lt. Cmdr. Aaron Hicks - Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron
Chief Petty Officer Chad Pritt - Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron
Petty Officer 3rd Class Dan Serianni - Navy Public Affairs Support Element East - (Active)
Staff Sgt. Sarah Brice - 621st Contingency Response Wing Public Affairs
Petty Officer 2nd Class Cody Hendrix - Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron
Staff Sgt. Cory Bush - Air Force Thunderbirds
Tech. Sgt. Ned T. Johnston - Air Force Thunderbirds
Airman 1st Class Briana Cespedes - Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Public Affairs

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Author — AirshowStuffVideos


Thank you for NOT having a music track

Author — Alan Aldpal


“Endgame is the most ambitious crossover of all time”

The pilots: hold my wings

Author — Cye that one guy


They are practicing social distancing: 6 ft from each other.

Author — Carlos Pacheco


These guys know they’re badass.. refueling in mid air.. chewing gum.. cmon man....

Author — Lance Lee


Most beautiful thing I've ever seen. The blues and the T-birds flying together. Wow.

Author — marcus kervy


The Navy is so perfectly co-ordinated and strict while the Air Force is over here doing secret handshake sendoffs

Author — ShureLock


When you find this channel and find the flyovers. I’m in NJ and someone in our bldg got a great picture in Trenton. I also live by McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst and they passed right above our house. This was pretty spectacular. THANK YOU.

Author — Ms. Hazeleyes Rdgz


Pretty sure I just received my daily doses of "American, " "Freedom, " and "Hell Yeah" all in one video.

Author — Grey Sigma


Incredible!!! I believe they should fly together at least once a year somewhere from this year on.

Author — Jay’s O'Hare Aviation



I've seen both the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds fly, but never have I seen them together and never have I seen them from the Pilot's perspective. I had to wipe some patriotic tears away before finishing it.

God Bless the pilots, their ground crews and the refueling crew. God bless our country as well.

Simply magnificent!

Author — Randy R


WOW! Working 32 years at an Air Force base I've seen the Thunderbirds many times. But this must have been quite a sight and had to have required a lot of preparation. I sm very proud of our military.

Author — Celia Gorleski


Seeing them fly over NYC, I can picture Sully watching and saying... "Sure, anyone can FLY over the Hudson... but let's see them try and LAND on the Hudson." 😉

Author — Rick Williamson


Watching the Mighty KC-10 Boom/ Drogue refueling is icing on the cake.

Author — J Garcia


Dr. Peter Venkman: Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, Blue Angels and Thunderbirds flying together - mass hysteria.

Author — Jo Vo


Why do i have the biggest smile on my face when i keep watching this over and over...

Author — darrell reimer


I got to fly in a kc10 when they were refueling a fighter. One of the highlights of my life. It was amazing.

Author — Nik


2:35 i wanted to troll a bit and say "i'll only be impressed once they take off in formation" ...exactly 10 seconds later: 2:45 "oh, ok.." ;)

Author — cdh79


Watching this and knowing they don't usually fly together is confirmation of the very high level of excellence of these men... these guys are working their ASS off keeping in formation while flying at a low level in very turbulent air over a concrete jungle! And they make it look easy....

Author — Dewayne Blanco


When you think of the term "Bossman" here it is in realtime! Thank you, Airforce and Navy and to all services that protect this great nation!

Author — shoecat65