Massive '12ga. from Hell' slug - We test it! 😈

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Filmed safely at a proper range, we test out Richard F's "12ga. from hell" slugs. Weighing in at 1.66 oz., I had to do a lot of testing and research to find the right loading to get these to supersonic speeds. Recoil was heavy, but Gregg managed to fire off 9 of them from a sitting position without too much complaint.

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Man, that's not a slug, it's an _ingot_ coming out of that gun.

Author — Fox D


Thoroughly enjoyed this one. That copper slug is amazing. I’m glad you guys did this. I don’t shoot anything with that much recoil and don’t plan on trying. Thanks guys.

Author — aaaaa1957


Love all the engineering involved in these test. Go science 👨‍🔬

Author — AmphibiousOne


The flattening of the round on impact got me thinking: Would it be possible to fit a quartz crystal inside the bullet that will hit the target and create a voltage that initiates a chemical reaction in a chamber behind the crystal. The chemical could be an electrical conductor. So, would it be possible to make mini lightning rounds that impact, charge, explode, and zap from the inside?

Author — Ratheon Hudson


"If you hit right on the sweet spot, everything gets wet". You can count on OG to give words of wisdom you don't get anywhere else.

Author — Kevin Young


I can’t imagine the energy of this slug traveling 2000 fps.

As you tested, I don’t think there’s an animal in the world that would walk anyway from that.

Author — Buck and Slug Reloaders


OG really makes these experiments fun. I mean they are still great without him, but his quick wit and antics really add some great humor

Author — Eric T


That is one insane round. Also great shooting Greg! Just came across your channel, I’ve always enjoyed target shooting, never really was into hunting. But man it must be fun shooting these different rounds thee as t people are creating. Amazing what people can come up with, with a little time. Thanks for sharing, take care and stay safe and healthy

Author — Irving Brown


holy eff, you got to get that dude to show up with HIS shotgun and fire a few of those.

Author — zekester1981


Please have Richard as a guest shooter so we can see the slow mo with his 2200 fps.

Author — Kevin Cherry


As an electrician I approve this video. There are plenty of options with this, there's hard drawn copper, different geometry of the strands, not all are round... interesting stuff!

Author — Average joe


Daugh and Jeff: "were gonna need a baseball sized shotgun!" Destin:" I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you"

Author — Timour mari muntz


Cool video. That is an IMPRESSIVE slug.
One thing I noticed, was in the slo-mo of the pot of water with the ball in it, is if you look closely, you'll see the slug put a hole in the middle of the spray of water as the pot was hit.
Something I've never seen with similar targets in the past.

Author — DeanMk1


Can you imagine the recoil on the full brass load? Even with the 13 lb shotgun.

Author — Rob Kinney


At 2000fps Richard's fully loaded rounds have over three times the energy of the ones on test today.

These are one of the most impressive slugs I've seen on the channel

Author — Matthew Doye


I've been always wondering why copper projectiles preform so well whereas, say, silver ones are totally and utterly crap in terms of preforming

Author — Xander Gross


Fascinating! I was glad to see the comparo with rifled vs unrifled. Damn! I don't have a rifled bbl! I'd like to see a range vs accuracy test, too, perhaps in consideration for pig or camel or the occasional charging car engine block . Thanks for that one, almost a record effort out of the dozens of hand-turned or cast slugs, many of which are less than useful. Good job!

Author — Doug Bright


Imagine the carnage these would wreak against a Paul Harrel style meat target....

Author — Terry Faugno


Oh my gosh, the more I watch the more I love you guys and this channel. Just needed to say that, it's what I've been doing all darn day. Thank you

Author — Todd Ledford


The jet of water shooting straight into the air was pretty cool, great video as always.

Author — Hrafn84