SCS.3m / SCS.3d in action

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  • ℹ️ Published 13 years ago

Here's a little video of the 3m and 3ds working together. Notice the linked feedback and working VU meters to each side of the SCS.3m crossfader.

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The mixer would sell me on the deal! I have been waiting and hesitating getting one, but if the mixer came out I would get all three definitely :-)

So when is the mixer scheduled to be released?

Author — Alex Barr


awesome - can't wait to get my second 3d

is that (if it is Traktor) with LE, 3.x or Pro?

Author — The Rixen


This is good for a midi controller and effects but still use my vinyl.

Author — Eliseo Jerry Ramirez


Did that come of the startship enterprise?

Author — foulmouthc1


Looks awesome, but too much like a toy and not a professional system. If i showed up to a gig with that thing, i'd probably get weird looks

Author — DNYLNY


yeah mate but not all dj's do the same ooo gotta get the latest touch sensitive shit. all good dj's will use originial analog. old proper vinyl decks. its the rest of the world thats going touch sensitive mate.

Author — DJ-Hyb


This Stuff ist the biggest CRAP i've ever seen. STAY REAL!!!! Not so TRASH Shit....

Author — MrDJTeasy