SipsCo - Episode 47 - Filling the Pool

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This episode we manage, through the miracle of blutricity, to finally get some water in the company pool

Music by Kevin Macleod!

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It's weird looking back at these episodes and seeing Sips know what he's doing hahah

Author — Kriiispy


This was such a magical series, their antics are still entertaining by 2019 standards

Author — Legendary Ra


ahh, the alarm.  All is right with the tekkit world now

Author — Shigemi Notoge


This is my third time re-watching this series.

Author — Eric Davis


When Sips complained about the gravel and blamed Sjin, he had no idea Sjin actually put the gravel in there.

Author — XxSnowtrooperxX


It'd be so easy to make the sorting area simpler, but I just love the whole Rube Goldberg nature of the thing.

Author — TyphonV


3:27 I love how it's taking Sips forever to make an electronic circuit when there was already one in the components chest

Author — Hasina Shams


17:35 as sjin doubts himself with the awkward "yess! yess! really?"

Author — ethan mcghin


The Michael Jackson bit made me laugh so much. xD

Author — Ataume


12:29 Just might be my favorite line in this whole series.

Author — BigMikey


Love these videos! They're the highlight of my day. You guys finally filled the pool! Haha

Author — Whitehousegal89


totally love how he puts the stick and stone in the exact way needed to make a lever at 13:15

Author — MechanoWizard


I feel an overwhelming sense of ennui. Sips and Sjin have filled the company pool. I haven't anything left to look forward to...

Author — SaintDuma


There's a creeper on the geothermal facility lalalalala

Author — Amy Mair


I love you two so much. Constantly checking back to your videos for ideas on what to make next in my tekkit playthrough and record. My videos lack so much quality compared to yours.

Author — William Tyler Ast


You know, I've also heard that you can use Coca Cola to neutralize a jellyfish sting as well. Also, if you guys felt like it, you almost have enough resources to make Nano armor, one of the strongest in the game. You've already got a few carbon plates I see, now all you need is energy crystals and advanced alloys. Love this series guys, always looking forward to another episode :)

Author — Killa358


"You should never eat food in while swimming" says Sips while jolding steak in his hand..

Author — TheAttmaster9


I think my favorite part is when Sjin jumps in screaming :3

Author — Unregistered Bandicam


If I were on that server, I'd flick the pump switch while they were offline to flood all their shit.

Author — Burrty The Bard


Sip's reaction to water in the pool must have given sips a jump.

Author — Nutcorn King