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Guys every time you let that cute girl pass you by without saying anything you hurt Todd's feelings. Like if u agree!

Author — Stay Hungry


“You don’t own a skill until you own it subconsciously”

Author — Michael Scott


Quick summary :
Activities to practise game-
Activity 1-
* Yes and, .... (Agree and exaggerate)
* Do not think ahead. Be spontaneous
* Trust your brain to finish it and it will to avoid embarassement
* Practise alone : Turn on a TV, Youtube, Book or say something and "Yes and ...." to it
Activity 2-
* Push-pull exercise
* Say the first thing that comes to your mind without thinking and negate it
* Practise alone : Turn on a TV, Youtube, Book or see a person across the street and do push-pull
Activity 3-
* Sex with me is like .... (Sexualize the conversation)
* Practise alone : Pick an object, say "Sex with me is like this object" and find 5 reasons why
POWERFUL QUOTE : You do not own a skill until you own it subconsciously

Author — Leader Psychology


Teige Hanley is all you need...oh Sh!t wrong channel.

Author — gavloft


You don't own the skill until you own it subconsciously. Facts. Keep it up!

Author — kvega30


Todd, your shirt is so cool, it's actually okay that you never change it.

Am I doing this right?

Author — RezznT


"Sex with me is like a rollercoaster, there are pictures taken at moments you least expect to" lmao

Author — Wombat


Push pull exercise? Push ups superset with renegate row?

Author — BaccatePlayer


This is the most practical video I've seen in a long time.

Author — [Autism Intensifies]


1. I love THE SYSTEM
2. I love these practices
3. Please more practices. Not like Tylers 10 hour videos. Just some small good practices one can do alone
4. Please tell, when to use for example push pull, or other techniques. When to use them . very important. please

5. Like Tod

Author — Jumbra Fortnite


I find out that talking to yourself and visualizing as if you are in a conversation can actually help. Come up with four or five fun stories that you can bust out. Learning to express yourself.

Author — TheSingleGuy


Your brain is designed to save you from embarrassment

my brain; *laughs maniacaly*

Author — Mr.Beglin fromIreiland


Todd, as a person that does public speaking and presentations, I gotta give props on your consistently solid videos.

Author — Joseph Izzo


It's great advice around the 3-minute mark. Leveraging the brain to come up with something/anything by putting it into a position where not saying anything at all becomes the worse option. It's clever. Silence is usually the easy and safe social option, but by saying 'Yes, and...' and seizing the group's attention, you force the brain into a position where it has to say something because it knows that silence has suddenly become the worst thing to do socially. Love that.

Author — Aran


I knew the whole time. Ever since I did improv classes, I realized pick up is like improv, with flirting.

Author — Connor Keenum


"don't think ahead at all" something I've been practicing my whole adult life

Author — Dr.4G


I didn't even realized that I don't trust my brain. I think that if I say exactly what I think it will sound rude or disrespectful when it usually is funny because it's spontaneous so I've learned with this video the importance of letting go. Trust myself and know that I'll do great without planning anything at all from the moment I open the girl.

Author — Merunas Grincalaitis


Hey Todd this is exactly what I was looking for in my game! I always have trouble finding a sexual hook point, thank you for helping you're the man!!

Author — Ron Data


One of the reasons I purchased The System was because of the free videos from Todd. It's my way of supporting him because of how those videos help me in my game personally. The uncut infields are the best learning tools.

Author — alex padua


Happily married but man is this invaluable info for so many other areas of my life socially. Do I wish I new this stuff when I was younger and single? Hell's yeah! Especially being the quiet, shy guy with random outbursts of dry humor that only my closest friends understood or at least tolerated. As someone who has always had social anxiety and still do to this day, this stuff is priceless and immediately being put to the test and practiced. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Thnks

Author — Chris H