Why oil prices remain low

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Why oil prices remain low 3.5
Story of oil in comics. How OPEC was formed, why prices rose and why they are now falling. A wonderful, colorful, informative animated story for children (of all ages).

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Our video on how the tax component on petrol keeps prices high

The word "crore" (10 million = 1 crore) used in the video is common is South Asian countries, which don't follow the international system.

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This is such a lovely video explaining a complicated subject very easily, You Indians are always amazing people love you all.
From Pakistan.

Автор — Basit Miki


Play at 1.25 speed. Trust me, you'll be thanking me.

Автор — Anubhav Uppal


This is Dora the Explorer version of Autistic news.

Автор — Jimmy Rustles


what ever happened in India oil prices is going up every day...

Автор — Ajeed Antoni


you forgot to mention the USA invaded the middle east for oil

Автор — DudeManGuy


Nice video
Thanks for explaining it like I am 5

Автор — Mahendar


The game is to be the last to have oil.

Автор — jds hempfarm


I will travel without worrying about the cost!! Neither Airlines companies reduced their prices -.-

Автор — Sultan Loobari


Very simplistic. Part of the price fall was due to OPEC trying to drive the price down below the cost of production in the US to prevent production of these new fields. However, the US industry has lowered the cost of production even further making US shale oil again economic to produce, even at these lower prices.

Автор — dahveed284


As an Indian I am so happy to hear this news

Автор — Rahul vp


That Shiekh has an Indian (Apu) accent XD

Автор — machomp 123


In India, Ambani decides the price of petrol..the profit of public sector refineries goes to govt.But in the case of reliance refinery, whole profit is for ambani..Earlier the prices of diesel and petrol from reliance pumps were more than that of public sector pumps. but now the price of diesel from reliance pumps is 2rs lesser than other pumps.. eventually they will have all the customers just like jio..about 35% of Indians are given the opium of religious extremism which make them useless and dangerous. the rest are either not bothered or helpless and worried not knowing what next to do . We Indians have all kind of resources but we lack a good leader, a good and truthful media..if the taxes that we pay are used wisely, even the roads could have been made of silver. I am not a an AAP follower. but the good works that are done by them in Delhi are really appreciable. the media is acting blind to that, other wise in the coming election the party they are supporting will not gain. Delhi is a small example of how the taxes can be used wisely. here the loans of rich are written off. but the banks goes behind poor people who took education loan and agricultural loans.
it's time for us to wake up..

Автор — Riyas Mohammad


Demagraphics /Efficiency/and fracking and better imaging tech affects supply and :)

Автор — ClarksonsinUSA


The anglo oppressors don´t like your colonial accent. For me, it is interesting, Indian female school teacher, who speaks almost flawlessly .

Автор — Teemu M.


True. I am from Kuwait and petrol prices increased around 4 months ago and we are suffering now because the prices rose by around 60%, while it is getting cheaper in the USA (I used to live there, left it recently).

Автор — AT


*very good....cheap oli price can destroy the arrogant gulf countries*

Автор — точа мie


It is full of lie, I studies the history of the oil, why they made make OPEC ...etc, shame on you, man, thanks god I learned it from sources, if any one search the google, he will find that, by the way the oil now or before, it is cheaper than Pepsi Coca Cola, calculate
Now one barrels =158, 98 liters, which one is cheaper, the price of the from the stock market, your not in supermarket ، thanks oil producers for selling oil very cheap, cheaper than water, also all American oil company that search for the oil has 25% of the reserves under the ground of their country's, that's mean American have 10% of reserves of the world at least, also selling it by dollar, and so on, then you said Arab, if any one know the real value of it he will not sell it less than 250$ per barrel, the oil the government foreign imported very cheap then sell it with 700% tax more, then they say OPEC, etc,

Автор — batimcoo


Maybe it has proportionately, but look at the "big picture". Fracking does not cause measurable earthquakes, period! The earth's forces in the mantel resulting in plate tectonics, is what causes earthquakes. Maybe, and I stress "maybe" in a few areas throughout the world, injecting water into a formation, might result in smaller earthquakes more often, instead of one big one or one monster swarm like the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811 to 1812. But realistically, fracking doesn't cause earthquakes. If anything, having more numerous smaller earthquakes would be beneficial to local residents. The energy comes from the "earth", not from "fracking". The stresses exist until released in an "earthquake". Fracking does not add noted stress to the area.

I am not saying your saying that fracking is the driver, but if you are, than what about dams, railroads, buildings, highways, and other infrastructure? They don't cause earthquakes, but that can very locally for instance when your are standing next to the tracks when a train passes buy....The same goes for fracking. Relatively, it would have about the same force as a train.

Anyway, I am one that has faith in god's word and manifest destiny...

Автор — concerned1313


You forgot the neocolonialism, invading oil countries, sponsoring radical islamist to overthrow governments all to steal oil bit. Convenient.

Автор — S.A


OPEC was formed in respond to the US cartel to control oil price. OPEC was not formed to increase price, it is to control price.

Автор — Jonathan Wong