Practice at home with this new product | Axis bowling release trainer by BowlerX

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Practice at home with this new product | Axis bowling release trainer by BowlerX 4.5

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This is a great idea and btw a lot of different alleys are starting to open this weekend or by early June

Author — Cameron Morgan


make ur own, I have some square pieces of lane in my garage I have been meaning to sell or make something out of. but great idea, great visual tool

Author — Aaron Okonski


Very nice looking product, like the idea, and practice is an awesomely needed item right now.

Author — Jonathan Tripp


Most pro shops will find your PAP for free. Your PAP may not be the same when standing still as taking a full approach.

Author — Dirk Ridley


This is the best ever tool in youtube's bowling videos. Do you ship to Hong Kong?

Author — Grant Ho


this is a gimic and it may be different when you go to the bowling center because you are releasing the ball while you are standing up and somewhat of a loft in the air

Author — machka man


JR you had a discount code for BowlerX in one of your videos for 10% off and I was wondering what it was, thanks.

Author — Josh


Where can I get that? I would want that..

Author — Ellery Parsons


JR....multiple packages? I only saw two options.

Author — Kevin Scarborough


I am a 2 handed bowler and I struggle bowling 2 Hand 10 pins and 9 pins and 6 10 and exc. well I was thinking of doing sarge Easter grip for 1 hand spares, what will I expect? Pain?

Author — Jack Olson


why not make it longer, this is way too short

Author — Matthew J Spain


It looks like your thumb is just in the outer sleeve, also I'm sure everyone has an armadillo at home lol

Author — Jordan Jung JR Pro Shop


How come you didnt put your thumb in ? How big are your thimble? dont most lane patterns have 20 to 25 ml. 1 fluid ounce is 30ml. Nice try but no

Author — Ryan Reid