Keiser Report | Pushing Plastic, Holding Junk Bonds | E1594

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Keiser Report | Pushing Plastic, Holding Junk Bonds | E1594 5

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At this time Protocols of synagogue of satan and noahide law is threat to all mankind.

Author — fleamarketmutt


Call it what it is... Capital extraction so that when the crash occurs the bulk of the population will be left destitute.. Wall St is cashing out..

Author — Larkinchance


At the end of the 1920s, the US was a ponzi scheme of inflated asset prices.
The use of neoclassical economics and the belief in free markets, made them think that inflated asset prices represented real wealth accumulation.
1929 – Wakey, wakey time

Author — Keith Calder


What about the COFFEE CAPSULES? UNRECYCLABLE crap that people DO NOT CARE, as long as they have the Clooney's experience....:(

Author — rodrigo paes


you should actually do a cooking show and talk financial whilst doing it !

Author — bitbatbutttiktaktuk


Stacey, OMG you’re an absolute machine at reading 🤯

Author — Kal El


Max and Jimmy Dore are my wish they’d talk

Author — Richard Mays


Q: The 3.10 trillion bailouts- of which 2.8 trillion to Blackrock Hedge Fund. What is the analysis by Catherine. Is there a strategy that can be discerned from her analysis of the the money bailouts?

I agree with you, the bailout is definitely a handy tool to transfer and centralise more of the private and sovereign debt into the FED, especially as the bailout money is (of course) not equity, but federal backed loans.
But my understanding is that the bailout serves 2 purposes :

1/ bailing out the big players, not the small businesses, even if it’s marketed as saving the small business and the people.

As evidence arise that the very people said to be entitled to the bailout money, like the pay-check protection program,
are actually struggling to even get what’s they are due, it becomes clear that the true targets of the bailout is to make sure big corporations survive whether or not they are financially healthy. Those corporations are the vital powerhouses of the system and are an essential part of the tyranny and the control system.

The bailout is a pretext to legally pump more money into the machinery that will bring on technocracy!!!!

What gives it away that it will benefit big players is that the Treasury Department has refused to release names of recipients of the program, making it impossible to fully assess which enterprises benefitted most. But we can be dead sure the bulk of the money is going to the biggest and the most established companies.

For example, even the Wealthiest universities are eligible to the programs, Wall Street structures, big compannies etc

2/ Cover up for the pension theft !

A lot of the bailout money is not meant to save anything, what gives it away is that there is proof that hundreds of billions have yet to be disbursed.

The bailout is not direct, all the programs are required to have banks and diverse financial structures to act as intermediaries.

One of those « intermediaries » is Blackrock

That fund is responsible for allocating the money and implementing the various bailout programs, like the pay check protection program for small businesses.

But as we know, Blackrock also happens to manage half of the public pension funds in the US. Catherine has talked about how odd are those funds; the pensions funds managed by Blackrock are all (every single one of them) composed of 1 day maturity securities, meaning every single day an immense amount of debt has to be re issued - highly unusual - indicates fraud!!!!

My personal opinion is that having Blackrock in charge of the bailout money is to cover up the pension theft and hide the fact that the pension money is indeed gone!
Blackrock will use those federal backed loans they are in charge of to stay afloat and service the pension funds they are managing. A shell gaming of moving money to conceal that the pension funds are gone!!!!

Author — eileen kenny


I just learned the auto “industry” doesn’t earn its money by selling earns via finalization and selling useless warranties and accessory add ons! The cars don’t actually mean anything to them anymore. Capitalism is the gateway drug to feudal

Author — Richard Mays


Last dozen years the US economy has never been representative of the stock "market", if it was, based, the dow would be at 3000...if that!In other words 24000 pts on the dow is all Fed/CB driven via money printing and covertly buying up shares!

Author — ain't dat snipes


People are being purposely restricted and hampered economically in this Plandemic!

Author — Honest Reviewer


i live in a world of lies and bubbles. here is where they lie i believe are dispelled with truth and my bubbles are popped.

Author — S K


Max Keiser has the best comments: "the only thing left is that some extraterrestial intelligence comes and tries to buy our planet and I don't think they are going to get more than 2-cents on the dollar for this dust heap."

Author — FASB CPA


While watching this show making fun of Robin Hood app, I got the advertisement related to Trading 212 app :) :) this was bad investment for advertiser :)

Author — bojman


The FED cannot put their made up money into the economy. That is why they had to stop the extra unemployment and only give one payment to the people. If they did keep on putting money into the economy then we would have inflation because the greedy would push up their prices as people can pay a little bit more which is what they actually did at grocery stores even as they were selling out almost their whole stock and were left with empty shelves. The rich in trying to divide us have divided the entire country where we cannot even come together in a crisis. America is dying and the end looks very near.

Author — Pat Branigan


The new mantra is: "Feed the Rich."

Author — NibiruLives


Keiser report - better than the Bloomberg Terminal!

Author — Pilgrim's Journey


FF 16:20 mins 'the woohaan ch1na v1rus..." this guy should know better than to call it that on a live interview

Author — SoloUpOkay


Front running the Fed without political connections? Bad idea.

Author — opl500


The FED regulates the banks.
The FED’s shareholders are the big banks.
The FED should look after its share holders.
See a problem?

Author — Keith Calder