Judd Trump vs Ali Carter - (Session 1) World Grand Prix Snooker 2019 Final

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Judd Trump vs Ali Carter - (Session 1) World Grand Prix Snooker 2019 Final 4.5
Judd Trump vs Ali Carter - (First Session) Coral World Grand Prix Snooker 2019 Final

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Carter and Trump, two US presidents lol!

Автор — Ari REdpILL


10:00 for first shot

1:34:25 for first after the mid session break

Автор — F Huber


Judd is playing so aggressively like how Stephen Hendry use to do in 1990's

Автор — Rohith Krishna


could you please post session 2 without spoilers? ty

Автор — a no limit person


Judd has almost 600 centuries, and he is 29 yo. He has a good chance to beat Ronnie record one day, if he doesn't lose his skills when he gets older.

Автор — Sladjan Ivkovic


I love Judd but he needs to shave that sad attempt at keeping a hairline.

Автор — JDMusic


I am eating Dim sums with my cousin Ron tonight, I will mention to Ron that S carter took a stab at him today rating Judd above him ...

Автор — bullsnutsoz


Who will trump this match? maybe we should order a car ter take ali home....

Автор — dave101t


Carter's face when he loses tonight will be a picture, a

Автор — Dave Jenkins


very good judd .. you were born to be a snooker player

Автор — milad dawod


Trump you are the champions! You'll be a great snooker player like Ronnie O'sullivan.

Автор — Дима Романов


fxxk off with this miss rule your calling theplayers cheats b4 they even start' it is a GenTleMen's game or is it called win a frame through fouls's fxxk off DiscreTion IS in theRules START USING THAT word and the f-in fxxking meaning of it,

Автор — KristaL Mac LeoD


Peace! 17:27; There's no superstitious at all. It's a blasphemy. Jesus Christ really I mean seriously wants to save u too. Actually He loves u so much amen. God Bless:D P.s. John 14:6 'n nowadays real shame on us is 2 Tim. the 3 Chapter whole please 'n peace because He's the only Way to Heaven indeed. Hallelujah! Maranatha in Jesus Christ name 'n in His Holy blood amen!

Автор — You have only One Life!


I just wanna see Judd smash carter's skull in with his cue ... ti show him how it feels to be on the receiving end of unchecked anger.

Автор — casey ash


amazing the playaz of today all improving some not so interesting more technigues and individual styles thank you to pot black and all the originals thanks to the lindrums and the davis brothers.. thanx to the billiard playaz of yestertime .. thank you JWhite Hhiggins for adding a touch of class and taking the risks... and THANK YOU TO RONNIE O SULLIVAN ... FOR makin the changes possible.. and more than just a game..

Автор — jorge baker


As pointed out by one of the commentators, both players have names similar to Presidents' of the USA. Having seen both in action, I much much prefer Judd to Donald TROMP! Judd is straight forward, skilled, not having any "high" opinions of himself - quite in contrast with the current POTUS!
Okay. Enough of political rant.. Snooker is far more interesting; for, it is open; nothing behind the closed doors!!

Автор — 'Bhabhai' Bharat Pathak


thnks guys, been waiting for this for 2 days. got my sandwiches and am at the introduction of the players, thnks again I love snooker.

Автор — Robert Smith


Trump is monstrous congratulations👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Автор — José Nildo


Thanks for the lightning-fast uploads and for editing-out the ads!

Автор — DaVe aPe


Something was wrong with that table. Balls picking up speed on the baulk end.

Автор — Heraclitean