Papo 2017 and 2018 Acrocanthosaurus Review!!! Version 1 and 2

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

I can’t say enough good things about the #Papo #Acrocanthosaurus. Hands down my favorite Papo. The 2017 version was retired in less than a year. So if you’re still looking for it don’t wait much longer. The price is still very reasonable right. The 2018 Acro is my favorite out of the two. You can’t go wrong with either version.

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The Papo Acrocanthosaurus displays well with Papo's Therizinosaurus too.

Author — JonahUK


I just ordered the newer version yesterday, and I just got my PNSO Giganotosaurus yesterday! Watching your videos helps me decide which new models I should get, keep up the awesome work I love it

Author — Money Powell IV


Oooh a Tolkien book :O reminds me of my little dinosaur/epic fantasy thing I’m trying to work on :3 and this acro is definitely my favorite from Papo. I think it made me love Acro even more and it’s one of my favorite dinosaurs now.

Author — Yuyari Cachimuel


I have the 2018 version it’s honestly so much nicer looking with a that stripe pattern very primal looking

Author — Bryanne Delgado


Wonderful review of Papo's two Acrocanthosaurus the Real Big Big Game Hunter of Sauropods and I'd go for the 2018 version natural colour and markings.But Rebor's Hercules is my favourite go to Acro figure 😎

Author — WilliamShields2018


One of my favorite carnivores. I need to get these figures.

Author — racspartan1


I think they look kinda weird, really the brown one. The wash and dry brush is not well executed on that one.

Author — Dinoxels


Acrocanthosaurus is my favorite large therapod too! 😎✌

Author — Renna


The blue one is awesome. Not sure of all the hate..

Author — broderp


Male Acrocanthosaurus & Female Acrocanthosaurus ; )

Author — LOGAN 73


I have thus model 2018 is best from all fugures rebor pnso schleich

Author — Стилиян Кръстев