fitbomb sauna

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Most of us need to lose weight or get rid of some love handles, puffy eyes,tighten some skin and maybe even add back some long lost muscle tone.
Now you can… after trying all the many“supposed cures” with no changes FITSAUNA Houston has a powerful solution. Our new patented fitness saunas feature revolutionary infrared heat technology that penetrates deep into your body to warm your body to the core to release toxins and helps you burn calories and produce muscle without lifting a finger.
Sounds too good to be true…. I KNOW! It actually does sound too good to be true… but this is real… so real, it’s been called the words most powerful health, fitness and anti-aging tool on the planet.

Traditional saunas utilize hot rocks or steam. While these methods can be effective, they are very inefficient. FITSAUNA Houstonhas patented infrared heaters with rays that produce much less heat, but heat that penetratesdeeper into your body than any old methods. This means MASSIVE health benefits for you.