Durarara!!x2 Shou Ending

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- Durarara!!x2 Shou (Season 2)
- Never Say Never - Three Lights Down Kings

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Durarara is more diverse than modern day American cartoons.

Author — LegoManiac101 /ScarAndShereKhanFTWMufasaFTL


Who else died when at the end of the first episode when they saw Tom & Namie's expression like they just roll with it XD

Author — Rhinestone Eyes


:'D Estaba Buscando El Este Ending Sin Los Creditos, Gracias ^w^

Author — El Sekai Del Karmagisa Shizaya & Mikayuu


Just actually being familiar with the vocal thanks to Gintama lmfao

Author — ichimatsu


:v y como es de costumbre, shizuo e izaya juntos ♥

Author — Gloria Estefania García Hernández


Soooo....this is gonna sound ecchi😶, but sorry can't control myself, so what if one day in the near future, when Narita releases a new Drrr!! SH vol, he'll create an extremely unexpected scene that nobody would have imagined reading(seeing in the anime)& as an illustrated page next to the page with the reading? Get ready for when I said sitting on a desk with no fuckin' bottoms on & getting penetrated nonstop by Russian hitman Egor, & would actually be enjoying it as she moans, sayin' "so big!" "harder!" & "deeper!"🍒💥Then after all of that is over, the Raira trio: Yahiro, Kuon & Himeka walk in & Koun would be the one to recognize the heavy breathing fucked Namie while Egor smiles & embraces her after having a piece of her.

Sooo how would you all react if Narita were to actually plan that for one of his upcoming DRRR!! SH volumes? I mean when it is Namie who'd unexpectedly allow a man to bang her despite her goddamn brother complex. Imagine live reactions on YouTube goin' "WHAT?!"😲 "OH MY GOD?!"😲 "WHAT THE HELL IS GOIN' ON?!"😲 "NAMIE & EGOR?!"😲 "WHAT ABOUT SEIJI, NAMIE?!"😲

Btw if that EgorNami scene were to happen, imagine how it'd be censored in the anime.🔞

Author — 💗POP*SWEETS🌸