BBC News Review: Great Barrier Reef 'severely damaged'

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BBC News Review: Great Barrier Reef 'severely damaged' 5

The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia is under severe threat from a rise in water temperature. Neil and Finn look at how the world's media are covering the story and give you the words and phrases you need to talk about it.

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Finn shows such a friendly attitude and his way to explain and pronounce is so wonderful. Highly appreciate the team work here too! Thank you for the lesson!

Author — Inju Juan


Where is Finn? Haven't seen him in your videos for over 2 or 3 month. Is he ok? His voice is really missed.

Author — Olga Eflova


Miss you Finn.Where have you gone?
Your slow speech made programs more interestiing.I hope they didn't fire you away.

Author — Md Miraz Ul Alam


thank you very much.
I enjoy your news review program a lot.

Author — Ramin Armanfar


very good listening material to English learner! Carry on!

Author — Lee Johnson


anyone want to understand the mean of word they mention in each video, you can click on link they post on description, and click on "vocabulary reference" tab on their website

Author — Duc Bui


I want your facebook page link please.

Author — الشّيمآء آل تُركي.


No this isn't fully true There are areas of The Great Barrier Reef still haven't been explore Corals do bleach but when the waters cool down, the coral will come alive It is propaganda by the government

Author — Louisa klimentos