What If You Controlled the Internet?

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What If You Controlled the Internet? 5

You may think of it as something that helps you communicate with
your friends, laugh at memes, and binge-watch your TV shows. Others might think of it as a way to make money, perform illegal activities, and maybe even spread propaganda. Regardless of how you use it, the internet is arguably the most powerful tool in the world. So what would happen if you controlled it? How powerful would you be? What websites would you control? And could this actually happen?

Take a deeper dive into What If episodes with the help from the world's top thinkers in science.

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What If is a mini-documentary web series that takes you on an epic journey through hypothetical worlds and possibilities. Join us on an imaginary adventure through time, space and chance while we (hopefully) boil down complex subjects in a fun and entertaining way.

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What if astrology was real and completely accurate?

Author — Violet Twinkly


What is Keanu doing in thumbnail, He doesn't control it, well, He might do, Maybe ?

Author — Xx Champ xX


So basically, keys are infinity stones in real life?

Author — Hi Hello Goodbye


That’s the worst concept ever, unless you know, if *the meme lord controls it*

Author — TwoSling_Mappings


The first thing I would do if I can control the internet is to totally remove tiktok

Author — StormSonic Gaming


What if we could harvest energy from the dark energy (that one that makes the universe expanding)?

Author — Multi Energy


I’m a simple man.
When I see Keanu, I watch.

Author — Chris Pope


What if the entire world spoke only 1 particular language???
An idea for another WHAT IF!!

Author — Harshita Prajapati


"What if virus become the size of atom?"
Good topic for your next video.

Author — Hiren Sanklecha


You never mentioned that you'd also be able to have access to US govt top secret such the extraterrestrial presence on earth.

Author — Pyzar Mohammad


What if the land and the Sea is Inverted!

Author — Miney Mine


What if we managed to create glasses that detect viruses in the surrounding environment?

Author — Belal Ibrahim


if ii controlled the internet, ii would erase all the embarrassing and immature things ii ever did 🤷🏾‍♀️.

Author — ii_taniaizgaming_ii


What if: What If You Controlled the Internet?
Me: *looks at my search history"
History: No, no please we can talk things out. PLEASE I HAVE A FAM...
*History get deleted*

Author — Shadrk


Ah imagine if I wanted to be really evil and just ban all memes HAHAHAHAHA

Author — James Cardiff


Hmm… i just want to know… What if everybody knew and used deep web everyday?

Author — Arnodi Dihendry


I must collect all 14 keys and become the Thanos of the internet.

Author — Stephen Price


*"What if you Controlled the Internet?"*

I'd play Hentai on all Monitors

Author — Duchi


What if : what if you controlled the internet

Me : Searching for U F O in NASA 's office
Me : Hacking Area 51
Me: Hacking world's best hacker

Author — Reena Chourasia


i have one of the keys hail down to the digital god now or i will make you watch youtube rewind forever

Author — TonyT2i