A drive around Kingston Ontario today

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A drive around Kingston Ontario today 4.5

Ontario to Brock to Division to Princess back to Ontario to Market St to King East to West St. to Court St to Union to Sir John A..Best route to tour Kingston,s past.

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This place was once the capital of Canda... briefly.

Author — G Mac


Kingston is one of the nicest towns in Canada, you wont find a more polite kind caring town in general. It has that old town charm. Great place to live work, and if you like to ride motorcycles, look up a local CMC group to ride with. you wont regret it.

Author — Oil Rig Jobs


I'm from Kingston and I really miss their and I used to walk all the time every were in Kingston lol

Author — Dereck Winters


Thanks for the great video...my husband, daughter and I are moving to Kingston soon from Toronto. Financially we've been pushed out of Toronto...but we're not upset anymore...just happy we've found Kingston to continue our life as a family!

Author — Andrea Grace


I used to spend Saturday afternoons here when I lived Watertown, NY. Nice to see the old town again.

Author — Michael B


Kingston Ontario (1929 Film)
April 8th 1929.

Author — allurelle


Best city in all of Canada. Life here is good.

Author — MikeyPaper


I was in Kingston in 2013 fall when during the exchange student program to Queen's university. I still miss Kingston and the life in Queen's. LOL

Author — KS Yoo


Kingston needs badly to put some money into their streets. Last time I was there my car took a beating from the roads and streets. Of all the city's in Ontario, Kingston has had bad roads for ever and they don't seem to care.

Author — Thomas Little


Can I just say that Canada is the best and the most beautiful country in the world!

Author — Slyfoot Soldier


By watching at this video indeed brought back a lot of memories, i still remember i got lucky really lucky to be able to visit Kingston due to my work. Also thanks to my company at that time to fly me there.

Remember stayed in one of the hotel there called Kingston Federation Hotel . The town changed quite a bit but not that much :), btw .. i love Tim Horton, the coffee is great. Use to buy it every morning when i walk to the office there for my work.. anyway, it's a great experience

Author — Ryan Roy


Ah Yes! I lived there on two different occasions. I see the traffic lights are still synchronized nicely on Brock St. to those who drive 40 kms per hour. I lived there in the 70s and 90s. I can still remember the song from 1973  --  "Back 300 years ago, long before Canada. Kingston town is now a city, Kingston is 300 years old." Loved that song.  Wow! Morrisson's has  been there forever!

Author — Ron Corlies


I have lived in kingston for 80 years and never found a more beautiul CITY

Author — Dick Knapp


Thanks for posting! I'm considering applying for a job in Kingston (I'm from Toronto), and I wanted to see what the city looked like/get a bit of the vibe. This is the next best thing to going there.

Author — rachybaby72


Kewl.  I live in Kingston as well.  I usually go for walks in the areas you drove in (I'm on Concession st). :)

Author — Neil Roy


Thanks for the lovely drive around the city.

Author — J gossy


man, it's so weird seeing the streets you drive in your town in a video

Author — Trailerguy


is Kingston Ontario a bad city?..is it full of crime?... does it get super cold in the winter and super hot in the summer?

Author — Rasheem Reid



Author — Anika Tyrone


spent over a year here while serving in the military felt very similar to my hometown. you should take a drive out past the base and the fort over the bridge and you will get a lot of ex soldiers checking out your videos. Thanks for the memories!

Author — Jeff McGowan