How To Know Your Passion or Profession - Sadhguru at IIM, Bangalore

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How To Know Your Passion or Profession - Sadhguru at IIM, Bangalore 5
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Sadhguru was at IIM Bangalore on Sep 16, 2018 and interacted with the students as part of the Youth and Truth movement.


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By A Volunteer of Project Green Hands/Rally For Rivers.

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What I learned from my life is
1.Never take decisions when you are angry/sad/depressed.
2.Always put God first
3.When u decide your career, the most important reason as to why you chose it should be " because I love doing it and I will be very happy" . It should never be money/ status/society.
4.Everyday spend 30 min in your bed just for yourself. Sit calmly and peace everything out.
And the most imp
5. You contain all the answers for all your doubts. No one else can clear it except you. People may help but the answer is already stored in your brain.Use others help to get there. Its stored for a reason. Your Creator is not stupid to send you to earth with many unanswered doubts.

Author — Jasmin.y Paul


"The world will come and ask you to do all kinds of things when they see you are elevated"

Author — Lennon Richardson


Pranaam sir,
I am an architect turned author..recently got my book published on self help worldwide..need ur blessings

Author — swati verma


Hey I am looking for Joe the Catholic Jokes ....😊😊

Author — Mohan Brishnev


He is simply trying to get you to look within and ask "What is this?"

Author — Julie Sheard


Elevate yourself so the world gets to you. 👌

Author — Pujitha Patnaik


My god Sadhguru... I’m quitting my boring IT job and coming to Sadguru as his student

Author — Wanderer Pages


Thanks mate. This videos is really helping me out. Probably the best one from Sadhguru.

Author — Game of Thrones


2:12 subtitles 😂 its madhya pradesh not my depredation 🤪

Author — Lyrics AtoZ


how will you enhance your any activity without enhancing yourself - sadguru

Author — Shrikant kore


Be Magical... Not Logical...Be elevated...Scale Urself... The World Will Come To U...👍

Author — Madhra AL


How to decide between two of your most favorite profession when both are absolutely different from each other??

Author — Sampreety Neha


Finally i got some clarity.. Thanks Sadhguru ji..

Author — sriram krishnamoorthy


As long as you are happy of what you doing right now you don't need to do Anything
When you try to be something
You are putting unnecessary pressure on your brain
Just like life
As it is

Author — No Name


Amazing @ 6:47 onwards
Love the reply 🙏

Author — Liyanna De Lioncourt


Legends said, Joe converted to Islam
and then went atheist then got lost in the mountains
just to remove It's trace..

Author — mirdad sourena


wow amazing thoughts love you Shadhguru.

Author — The Reformist


If you absolutely enjoys doing something which affects someone else's life positively and you are not concerned about the remuneration or return you get from it, that should be your profession/passion.

Author — Binoy Subhakumar


Perfect video for this transition phase in my life. Congrats and thank you 🙏🏻 Hi from Singapore!

Author — Zephyr Khambatta


Gita has the answer for this : it is the concept of svadhrama which sadhguru touched lightly in this video. Every one of us is composed of three different gunas (personality). They are - sattva, rajas and tamas. If u have high sattva concentration then pursue intelllectual jobs like scientists and engineers. If you are high on rajas then go for managerial or entrpreneurial pursuits. If you are high on tamas go for those jobs which have a set proces and does not require creativity like factory workers. Its hard to explain it in detail here. Read it on your own. Actually its a concept of vedanta. Gita is actually derived from vedanta. Its a cool concept. You will also know whether to be in job or to be your own boss.

Author — Prabhdeep Singh