A fan group from Japan brought Vocaloids to Kawaii Kon 2013.

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A fan group from Japan brought Vocaloids to Kawaii Kon 2013. 5

Songs played in order...
Freely Tomorrow
Paradise Cage
Sadistic Love
Poker Face

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People who like their human singers better pray they live longer then Hatsune Miku, then once they cover that branch of science, they should figure out how to dance as tastefully, because if the only thing human singers can do is throw their arms with would be gang signs or twerk, I prefer my favorite computer programs~ Miku, and all the other vocaloids.

Author — Macheala Eldoh


Am I the only one who got excited to see Defoko-chan on stage?

Author — magArah


my mom went in and I switched to porn so it would be easier to explain

Author — Weil Baum


I loved this MMD concert! Well too bad they didn't turn into a Project Diva or Dreamy Theatre versions.. Anyways I still loved it! Kawaiiii >3<

Author — Splazo


Why didn't they put Gumi in her own song?!?

Author — ryuseiyellow


a group of fan made this is very impressive (for a fan-made)

Author — Johnson Sarah


I never get bored of Hatsune Miku's voice! So kawaii!

Author — LolerioNark


T-there's no Kaito? ;~;

It's still cool, but... QnQ

Author — Argh Argh


Not Quite As Good As Live Performances, You Know. They Don't Look As Realistic But Still Cool :3

Author — Jakau


are they being projected? or people Wearing costumes?

Author — shijay Pitan


Now I really want there to be a concert in -or at least very close to- Boise.

Author — Julia Sanchez


I hope the creators of who made this on MMD knows that Teto she isn't a Vocaloid I'm just

Author — SailorMoonMsp


Me mojé y eso que soy hombre ._.
Sería genial ver a Hatsune Miku por fin en Chile!! Woooh!

Author — Jorakun


Teto and Defuko gets to sing and dance on a concert, I love Teto and overall utauloids so much but Teto, Ritsu snd Tei has a place in my heart

Author — Vilja Taxen


When matryoshka came on I knew all the lyrics xD

Author — Kay saint


I want to go to Kawaii Kon so bad now :( It's such a long trip think i can make it work.

Author — Maeve Kernstock


Wow, these guys were at Izumicon in Oklahoma last weekend. Nice!

Author — Magos Xonthos


With the new MMD update I'd LOVE to see how this would look today :DDD

Author — PsychicCupid


I wish they had some of the guy vocaloids too oh well still entertaining!

Author — swimmeratthebeach24


Can't even understand what they're saying but I think I'm obsessed😍

Author — daisy