Halo Fest: Halo Community - Fragging, Forge, and Flowers

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  • ℹ️ Published 11 years ago

Kick your PAX weekend off right by hanging out with some of Halo's most dedicated Community leaders, and find out what they have in store for future games!

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I'm thankful that I was able to partake in a panel such as this - 13:40 - 36:15 - 51:14 - 52:15.

Author — CMNeir


Came to say everyone on the panel is awesome! HIGH FIVES! I gotta get on one year...

Author — Greenskull


Bungie: "So we want to take a new direction here. We're going to give up the best selling game series of all time with an incredibly rich story and universe with the most amazing fan base you could imagine to make crappy iPad games."

Author — DoGlowy


Im addicted to the plasma pistol on reach right now, lol

Author — Libertarian Minded


AMAZING! And there's CMNeir in this video! thumbs up if all would like Chris Neir in 342 industries and bungie cast!CMNeir the legend of halo gaming! :D

Author — Nick EvRy


Holy shit cmneir!!!!wtf didn't anyone clap for him??!!he's cool

Author — lVlonkeyman


Wow, they actually got CMNeir there? Good on them lol

Author — Astral Landlord


am i the only one who things an in game wepon moding would be cool? like alow us to choose the bloom, the fire rate, damage and like if this wepon shoots rockets or nedles. not for match making of corse, but just imagion the forg creations and mini games that could be created :D (maby not for reach but halo 4 could include this)

Author — Lachlan Morris


anyone know when the halo 4 panel will be up on youtube

Author — gruntyfan


8:48 Halo 3 ODST - anyone remember that sound?

Author — Bipa


WHOOOO! CMNEIR!!! Been following that fool since he started.

Author — DrBalmy


BS Angel was a great host + speaker here.

Author — Anubis


@doomsday2316 oh lol yeah that was weird, i think she was indicating to the panel that they needed to bring their mics closer so they can be heard by the audience



I want that ODST msg ringtone. My ringtone sucks.

Author — RNG - sus


How is burnie from Rosster Teeth not in the community pannel

Author — Alex Hackney


@ImTheBlackJesus In what way is Halo considered a shit game to you? For the most part, Halo has been a more well produced game than battlefield. The last few Halo games have been much more well recieved than that of Battlefield. That being said, I'm also a huge Battlefield fan and I am anxiously awaiting BF3.

Author — Leo Tully


Meeting best friends over live? I'm dissapointed to agree...

Author — ProDrummerKid


@Andaconda4LH It's a movie that is advertised sometimes before the video starts.

Author — croy


@haloreachmanable117 Didn't they have their own panel?

Author — DarkenedAngel


@KingMitchProductions Just did that a few minutes ago. Felt great man.

Author — LeBrons Hairline