Kim Jong Un welcomes South Korea's Moon Jae-in in Pyongyang

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Kim Jong Un welcomes South Korea's Moon Jae-in in Pyongyang 4.5
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un welcomed South Korea's Moon Jae-in as both leaders prepare for their third summit together. During the meeting, Moon is expected to raise stalled denuclearisation talks between North Korea and the United States.

(Video: Reuters)

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Nothing about this on American media! Sad

Author — christopher langston


South Korea: North koreans are suffering from malnutrition.
Kim jong un: is my body a joke to you?

Author — Ayushman Patra


Please keep hugging. No more war. Love from the U.S.

Author — Voting for Bill Weld - Republican Primary


He came out from plane, just wonder if thats 5 mins flight..

Author — Eye


My dream is to see Unification of Korea as like Germany... Long live peace..

Author — Wali Muhammad Panhwar


why is he landing from a plane? he would have just crossed the border line by a step 😂

Author — Socrates in traffic


Ang hirap maglakad ni Kim jung nauna yong tyan sa katabaan.

Author — Gracy Sinlau


Hope this happens to more countries like....
India and pakistan
America and mexico
Greece and turkey

Author — JoK Goat


I think one day korea will reunite...if war threatens the peninsula they will reunite...

Author — Ernesto Valencia


Hoping for everlasting peace on the Korean peninsula.

Author — Yuto Hayasaka


His wife is beautiful. Winder how she feels about kim's thick short cuzzo ?

Author — James Foxe


I would be glad if Koreas can reunite!! Respect from Uzbekistan!

Author — Jaloliddin Qarshiyev


21st century will be glorified if these two things happen:

1. Reunification of India and Pakistan

2. Reunification of North and South Korea

It'll be a great century for the Asian Continent if this happens

Author — Ritwika Simran


Wonderful no interpreters between them.
It's Like reuniting of two seperated siblings

Author — Suryansh Singh original works


The more cheers from the crowd, i can hear em cry...

Author — Jet Strada


This is a great day we are witnessing history ppl..comgrats

Author — TheDman216


Great moment we should all welcome this best wishes from india.

Author — the turning point


Where can I find the music? (at the beginning of the video)

Author — Mikołaj Kuziuk


It could be that easy, just share some love, laugh together, unite the people.

Author — Lawand L


Moon jae in is a chief spokesman of kim jong un

Author — ᆞ불편충들 나가 죽어라 좀