The roots of America's democracy problem

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The roots of America's democracy problem 4.5

Minority rule is a majority problem.

Political systems depend on legitimacy. In America, that legitimacy is failing.

In an earlier version of this video, we incorrectly reported the population of New York. The state's population in 2017 was 19.85 million people.

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You have to have respect for Vox on their political videos because they leave the comment section on

Author — CounterCraftAndy


“The United States is also a one-party state but, with typical American extravagance, they have two of them” - Julius Nyerere

Author — Nadey D


How does this guy look both 26 and 56 years old at the same time?

Author — GOD


we need 6 parties, one of the parties is at my house

Author — 25k Subs with No Videos Challenge


Don't kid yourselves. A nation with only two parties cannot be democratic.

Author — Strahinja Radenković


I hate the appeal to "The founding Fathers wanted x"

The founding fathers were great men. But they represented an extremely diverse group of political beleifs. The nation was hammered out on compromise and concensus between them.

When you say the founding fathers wanted x, it gives you the impression of trying to couch your own views in their mouths

Author — Joe Bloe


It’s laughable to think that we live in a democracy. Representatives don’t vote based on what people support because they are all bought by business and corporations.

Author — A Ng


Meanwhile the US government loves to topple dictators and preach "democracy" to other countries.
The US is the land of hypocrisy.

Author — Grass Hopper


A binary democracy, or a more accurate description "two-party system" is a democracy if you have a very broad definition of democracy.
You are just 1 party better than China...

Author — Two-Gears


Face it America needs a multiparty Parliamentary System. With a cap of any corporate donations or any donation from rich wealthy people. One time donation cap. The rest will be publicly funded.

Author — Jared


USA is slowly falling, every kingdom has its ups and downs and it’s rise and fall. USA recently is mainly falling.

Author — Sizzling Grill


Most of those ideas (especially ranked choice voting) are great.
Which is why nothing will change.

Author — macsmith2013


To call the Democrats "the left" is a bit of a stretch.

Author — RedJefe


It all started when Hamilton and Jefferson couldn’t get along.

Author — Jim Mauch


"Most people, including most Americans, would be surprised to learn that the word “democracy” does not appear in the Declaration of Independence (1776) or the Constitution of the United States of America (1789)."

Author — Demonchild84


No national amendments have gotten through lately because you need two-thirds of both houses to agree on a bill - and that means only bipartisan bills will pass through to the state approval stage — good luck finding anything with two-thirds approval in this day and age

Author — hfredydl


"The answer is simple, we must move" I'm thinking of moving to Europe.

Author — Dan Cooke


The political and legal system of the United States is rigged. Whole system is bought and sold daily.

Author — Dark Star


To become a democracy, several different political parties are needed, and not 1 with 2 different names.

Author — Lasse L


I’m going to go out on a massive wing here
Maybe the founding fathers weren’t right
Maybe the constitution was a huge fudge
Maybe we shouldn’t just blindly follow what they wanted
Maybe it’s time for a major change and overhaul of the party system

Author — First Name Last Name