Top 10 Movie Songs on Piano

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Top 10 Movie Songs on Piano 5

I think these are the top 10 movie songs ever made. I hope you like the piano arrangements of Lord Vinheteiro!

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If he looks at the piano it means the song is hard to play

Edit: i didn't know its been 7 months since i commented this
Time flies so fast😭
Edit2: Dang i don't realize it's been 1year.
And its my first year of high school.
9th grade felt so fast.

Author — Never gonna give you up.


Is anyone else getting the urge to buy a grand piano, given how easy he makes it look?

Author — Mr T


Plot twist: *_He's looking at the person behind you_*

Author — DekuYT-_


Pirates of the Caribbean is a fricking masterpiece.

Author — Sophie


When you realize 5/10 of the songs were by John Williams

Author — NascarRacingFan42


You know the song is hard to play when he looks at the piano 😯

Author — Unicornholz


Admit the fact, everybody would like him to play on his wedding.

Author — Adam Harakaľ


John Williams: 5
Klaus Badelt: 1
Harold Faltermeyer: 1
Nino Rota: 1
Alan Silvestri: 1
Danny Elfmann: 1

Williams is just the GOAT

Author — Cube


When harry potter played*

Me: expecto

Author — Wan Asura


Vinheteiro: **plays He's a Pirate**

Me: **likes in jar of dirt**

Author — YaBoi Ashton


I smashed the like button as soon as you started playing the simpsons!

Author — Henrys HowTos


When you realize half of these are composed by john williams

Author — schway12


Lord of the Rings should've been a part of this :(

Author — orchiidee


Do not make fun of the way he talks, his main form of communication is through music

Author — Just Some Guy without a Mustache


When the Pirates of the Caribbean music comes in

My mind: *laughing like a psycho, remembering that Jack Sparrow was being chased by those cannibalism people in that island*

Edit: I just shared this because its one of the happiest moment in my life. I hope for ur understanding! 😃😄💘

Author — Pretzilyn Laika Ferrolino


Trying to go to sleep
Youtube: Hey, listen to the top 10 movie themes

Author — 기코


i can't imagine his headache having to deal with copyright vultures

Author — queenform


Data vênia, Era uma vez no Oeste, Lawrence da Arábia, Ponte do Rio kwei, etc.... Fazem muita falta

Author — Roberto Flores


Me: trying to do A, B, C on a piano
Vinheteiro: Playing Flight of the Bumblebee without looking

Author — Muhammad Rana


Did anyone realize there was ANOTHER piano behind him o.O

Author — Angel Liu