8 Ghost Recon Breakpoint Tips And Tricks To Conquer Auroa

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8 Ghost Recon Breakpoint Tips And Tricks To Conquer Auroa 5

You want Ghost Recon Breakpoint tips and tricks? We've got 8 Ghost Recon Breakpoint tips and tricks to conquer Auroa. These explain the best upgrades, the best perks, how to earn fast XP, where to find the TAC 50 blueprints and how to rob the Behemoths to get loads of easy skill points. It’ll give you a great head start and let you play with the game’s best toys.

These are the tips and tricks that make Ghost recon Breakpoint more fun to play: you’ll have better equipment, the best weapons and will level up fast with our Ghost Recon Breakpoint XP guide. We also explain Breakpoint’s best upgrades and where to find the best sniper rifle and how to upgrade it to give it amazing range. We also explain the best unlocks on the skill tree and how to use them to get quick XP boosts. Oh, and the importance of unlocking fast travel early, why helicopters aren’t always the answer (but why they sometimes are). This is a Ghost Recon Breakpoint guide for the early hours of the game, and should get you started.

If you are looking for a specific tip, here are some timecodes for you:

00:44 - Easily steal blurprints and skill points from the Behemoth
02:21 - How to spend your skill points and speedy XP gain
03:57 - Don’t forget to boost XP at campsites
04:48 - Unlock fast travel points quickly
05:48 - How to use the world map to choose targets
06:25 - How to clear our enemy bases quickly sand safely
08:15 - Where to find the best sniper rifle (TAC 50) and the bipod
09:10 - How to push your weapons even further

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As always, please do share your own tips. (Cue a thousand jokers writing: don't buy it hur hur hur.)

Author — Rock Paper Shotgun


Moving down a mountain, do it crouched.. you are less likely to fall or slide down.

Author — Richard van Tricht


I need some of that invisibility spray so I can play the damn game without the misses finding me something less important to do 🤨

Author — appealinbanana


Spend a skill point to unlock every class and do the first 5-6 challages linked the that class easy and fast way to get 20-24 skill points early game.

Author — Saint Saber


My god, using the invisibility spray to BS the behemoths and steal two dozen skill points spread across the map. I never thought of that. You've saved me a lot of hassle. :-D Thanks!

Author — Ellwood Riesing


If you're having troubles killing 3 enemy's in 3 seconds just find some patrols and drive them over with your car.

Author — Ludvig Hvelplund Schneider


Breakpoint is starting to grow on me....I'm liking this game more and more....
I dont cars Bout the negative reviews....
But hopefully updates will patch some issues up..

Author — theWarriorDude


1 shotgun headshot to the armored guys kills them instantly

Author — Christian Mendez


After that sicario reference I'm about to do pistol only now lol

Author — Felix bot


Haven't stopped playing except to sleep and eat since it's been out lol..
Best tip by far in my eyes was the combination for the xp boost

Author — Jjsmpsn


Also, anyone else more impressed with this game than they thought would happen? Trailers didn’t give it justice

Author — Jack Blakeney-Swanson


Just got this game on sale for $20. Very fun, feels like I stole it for that price!

Author — hangmantx


Breakpoint is another in the long line of.... Critics bash it, but I end up enjoying it a great deal. So many games on that list.

Author — John


Enemies dont drop loot if you kill them while theyre in a vehicle, so shoot out a tyre to get them out of the vehicle, then kill them. This is especially useful on the Skell Credit type enemies that drive solo around the map, and of course the convoy trucks

Author — PixelpimpNZ


Its So Much harder to do a Stealth Approach compared to Wildlands.

Author — CFour-


If you’re going for panther lvl 10: the challenge that asks for 8 kills using smg without reload or swapping out; your drone counts as a swap and the count resets. Highly recommend a large inside compost after you mark everything first. Good Hunting!

Author — stew bone


8:20 the game is great for long distance serial killers! Lol

Author — joe claridy


“... until there is no red fog of war on the map.” - LOL, Brilliant! Well done.

Author — MrShado


Cool 😎 Tip on the Panther class and cloaking spray early in the game.
Makes is easier to sneak around to get loot early on.
Good video.

Author — Officer Dad Life


By far, one of the best tips video out there for Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Great video, subbed and will be recommending this video to others. Well done and Thank you!!

Author — Baby Vegas