Current Situation - Syria, Donbass and Russian Federation.

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Current Situation - Syria, Donbass and Russian Federation. 4.5
As of a few days ago, this is how things looked from Donetsk. It now looks like a deal was made that if SAA and RF don't attack Idlib, US-backed ukrop nazis won't attack Donbass. We will see...

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US imperialists behave as if the whole planet belongs to America. As if we live on planet America.

Author — Bolshevik Cosmonaut


You are so right Russel. Full support from Denmark. Thank You Russia.

Author — Bozzl


Thank you for the update comrade! I would have appreciated it if you had mentioned the genocide the Kurdish people are facing at the hands of the Fascist Neo-Ottoman state of Turkey(Most of the terrorist in Ilib are backed by Erdogan)

Author — TheBrainwashedCommie


You are exactly right. God Bless you and keep you safe.

Author — Wes Spence


Much love and thanks from Tennessee! ❤️✌️💕✌️💕. Thank you for keeping me informed of what’s going on in Ukraine!!!

Author — Faith Virtue


Thanks from Germany. More and more people in Germany understand what the USA biggest Terrorist in the World. Good luck for you and the donbass defender and the poeple how live there

Author — sequoiaohz


Russell, this game has been played out now in Syria twice, maybe three is the charm I don't know but what I do know is America is being ruled by largely the same groups that rule in Russia. Because of the laws you're under I understand you cannot talk about it but it has a lot to do with the Russian Revolution. I think you know the group I'm talking about. Myself I believe it's all trauma base mind control. There's a major power and economic shift occurring now, the dollar is dying and with it the American superpower. However this is a most dangerous game that can easily spin out of control. Don't look for much help from the American people they are willfully ignorant and up to their eyes in consumer debt. Good luck and even though I am not a communist I am very proud of you. Thank you Brian

Author — Brian Wilder


I seem to remember that incident with the USS Donald Cook (Aegis destroyer) a couple of years ago- doesn't Russia have that new-ish "Khibiny" jamming system?

Pension troubles? Welcome to the club. Ordinary working folks all over the world are being constantly screwed over; everything keeps going up and up, except for our salaries to compensate for the cost of living.

Author — BLuecoLLarcanuck


He is correct America has no right to be in Syria

Author — jlozinsk



Author — Anthony Barrett


Keep preaching Brother! Greetings from North Carolina.

Author — 44 Magnum


Just like to salute you russel been listening for the last 3years respect brother thank you



Also to know your opinion of Stalin

Author — Daniel Sullivan


Comrade, i dmed you on facebook about tge serious question. Could you please read it esprcially with current world events. Thank you.

Author — Mason Steiner


What is your opinion on Syrian Kurds and Rojava in northern Syria?

Author — Richard Závodný


The Israelis keep attacking and Russia can't do anything....

Author — Luciano Classical Guitar


Putin has always struck me as an honest man. He's no bullshit, and he never comes off as if he's hiding ANYTHING!! And that's simply from reading subtitles.

Author — Big G Haywood


A couple of months later - I'm grateful that this invasion did not happen.

The prospect of Ukropians using Donetski as human shields is disgusting.

Also glad that the street riots did not take off in Russia. In contrast the French had riots...

Author — Jamal Labarge


You are good man Russell Bentley Texas.

Author — Staszek Golab


And yet the people of 'merica keep voting to be governed by the oligarchy.
The things that transpired prior to WWII and the dictatorship that was established for WWII is happening today. However, "mercia and its allies are the regime that is acting as the Nazi regime. All that is needed is a Dictatorship, juridical entity or One World Order that will rule the world.
The small minded people of 'merica, heck every nation, are ignorantly submitting to propaganda of their political idiots. The smart people are aware of what is going on and not falling for the propaganda bull crap.

Author — Девин