How to sail - Capsize a single handed sailboat

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How to deal with a capsize when sailing a single handed sailboat

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Someone is GIVING me a small boat, which apparently has been well maintained and repaired. I have a couple sailing lessons under my belt and am super excited to get out there! You're videos are much more tuned to the small boat I'll be using so thank you for the easy to understand instructions and demos!

Author — Greg


these sailaboat tutorials are perfect for learning to sail my vanguard zuma.
I find however that when I capsisize, its often difficult to reboard.
at the mast where it meets the deck I have installed a line attached to a rope ladder at the transom.
any other input would be greatly again from florida tampa bay area.

Author — Dwayne Kight


I learnt to sail around a Bronze Whaler breeding ground. Had this down pat pretty quick! Great informative video.

Author — Roc Noir


I had never sailed a day in my life when I took out my new-to-me 20' racing scow. In 4 minutes I had bumped every boat in the marina. Six minutes in and we capsized. After about 8 minutes, of sailing, I got the hang of it. Had that boat for years without another mishap.

Author — jthepickle7


I go to a sailing club and won a race today on a laser pico and I am trying to get more advanced and this is amazing help!!

Author — Daria gaming


Excellent, clear precise with all the salient points covered.

Author — lark257


Capsized last week and got the mast tip of my Laser stuck in the mud at the bottom of the lake. Took a while to right the boat and I got face full of mud as it fell from the mast! 😆

Author — The Scary Truth Catalyst


hello, me again 😂. so i've been sailing for years on two handed boats and stuff. since 2 weeks i've got my own dinghy! a finn! so i'm considering training capsizing my boat but i'm worried to do so since a finn is slight bigger than a laser. any tips?

Author — MusicRuby ♪


ok nice video but while lazer sailing last weekend i turtled and the center board went through so none of it was sticking out of the hold, what do you reckon i shound do in that situation

Author — max h


0:19 my greatest fear, losing the daggerboard

Author — Tom Hague


what if the daggerboard slides all the way back through the pocket to where you cannot grab it to pull it back up?

Author — Clayton Ribardo


not sure why there is no instruction on dry capsize technique..or have I missed it?

Author — Killian FitzGerald


I watched this and then I went to my sailing club annndddd....capsized

Author — The crazy wierdo


Nah man all u have to do is swear and tell it to wise up😂

Author — Sp1ke Games


*What’s the point of giving yourself dry? The point of sailing is to purposely capsize and and get wet!*

Author — Aude


centerboard i thought it was daggerboard

Author — Oliver Coles


Curious what he is wearing? Looking for some suitable clothes beyond shorts and a t-shirt. Anyone know??

Author — Stewart Harris