Rep. Meadows: Schiff knows he's not winning this trial

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Rep. Meadows: Schiff knows he's not winning this trial 5
North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows, a member of Trump's defense team, reacts to Senate impeachment trial.

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Schifty Schiff should be called to testify then arrested for treason .

Author — James Bond007


Democrats never expected to win with this specious witch hunt! It is all about having a story line for the media to spin for the election!

Author — Larry Dugan


“You can’t make this up”
Apparently Shiff can.

Author — Alex Hernandez


Schiff is so narcissistic he believes his own lies.

Author — JeepDan777


Adam Schiff is possessed by demons to do what he's doing, literally.

Author — Steven Arther


Is Schiff going to be tried for treason? Lying to Congress? Withholding evidence? Conspiracy to commit a coup?

Author — Guy Ward


Only thing Schiff will be remembered for is the pics of him with young boys, theft in office &his seditious lies and parodies

Author — dV hiLL


Schiff might be Dictator Ruler of the DEMARATS but not the American's peoples ruler he is mental

Author — Robert Williams


Those who do evil, expect evil from others.

Author — Michael Carter


The DNC should pay the bill for the cost of a fake impeachment

Author — Alger Acumen


Every time I hear impeachment, my next thought is VOTE EVERY DEMOCRAT OUT OF OFFICE... They are like bull grass, good for nothing.

President Trump 2020.
America's working President with a pair of...

Author — Southern Peanut


I can't wait for this 💩 to end so the real investigations to start. The American people deserve to know what happened with Biden's and our tax dollars. We want a refund.

Author — One Tin Soldier


He can snuggle with his oscar in a federal prison.

Author — turnerr44


I really wish someone would expose Adam Schiff's and Nancy Pelosi's involvement in Ukrainian corruption.

Author — Corey Morris


Scares the crap out of me that Schiff and those like him are in Intelligence!

Author — Michael Domansky


What is amazing about this whole Shiff Show from the beginning is the number of registered Democrats that BELIEVE all of this "stuff".

Author — seeburgm100a


Have you noticed how Schiff’s eyes sometimes bulge while he is speaking. A sure sign he Is lying.

Author — Garth


Happy Aquittal and Re-Election 2020. Swamp got Stomped - Another failed coup attempt by the left on our POTUS.

Author — Kathy B


Schiff walking the halls of congress as a law maker is whats wrong with this Country

Author — Ken Newman


Wow. Obama "I've got a pen and a phone" so if Congress is deadlocked I'll use executive orders to do what I want. No push back from the swamp because they where all lining their pockets in the background off His pen.

Author — Gator Jams