The Great Fire of London - what impact did it have on the city?

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The Great Fire of London - what impact did it have on the city? 4.5

2016 marks the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London, which burned through the city for four days in September 1666. Professor Laura Gowing and Professor Arthur Burns, Department of History, examine the impact of the fire on the city's geography, housing and opportunities and consider how it affected the future of St Paul's Cathedral.

Images - London Fire Brigade and Wellcome Images

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they can rebuild a whole cathedral but not your edges

Author — Epic_ Legend


A good video! Greetings from Germany!:)

Author — WaveZ


The fire got rid of alot of londons old history atleast it killed most of em rats with the plague.

Author — Venom Snek


Acceptable that this video doesn't hold the real juicy facts to the Great Fire, our education system and history in particular is provided by the victors... and so the 'comment section' delivers the meat of the pie.
Cestui que vie act of 1666 was passed on the Wednesday or Thursday, without much opposition as most MP's were either securing property and family or helping others dealing with the Great Fire... Essentially this was a False-Flag event. Then there was the lucrative rebuild that took place of which Wren played a major part

Author — Avi Goldberg


Why am I a senior in high school and had literally no idea this happened? The us public school system has failed me.

Author — Amelia Danielle


Very good except it could have shown maps old and new, so that we could get some rough idea of just how much was destroyed.
I also disagree about noise levels, as smithys of the day would not have been constant banging. Only mechanisation builds that general wall of noise that we hear today.

Author — Mark Horton


Very few people know about the Great Fire of Southwark in 1212

With up to 3, 000 fatalities it was far deadlier than the more famous fire of 1666

Author — Centrist Philosopher


In my country, we have Bandung The Sea Of Fire

Author — Zaky Ahmad Mudzakkir


And after the Great Fire (False Flag) of London, the 1666 Cestui que Vie Act was ushered in by Parliament.  The act that turned all persons into corporations

Author — agitbeats


it helped us for our exposé in france so thanks a lot

Author — Sharter


Of course, that Professor's last name is Burns...

Author — Jc


It happened because 666 god damn curse

Author — AHMED SOCCER777


I want to make a video of it but I was not born in 1666 I was born in 1581

Author — AxmSplodzZ


Interesting that even such an educated woman, a professor, says "Smiff's" instead of Smiths, at 1.37. and "deafs' for "deaths' at 1.57 and "uvver' for other at 2.24 etc. She must be a true Londoner!

Author — Paul Barrett


It may had been cause by the Great Plague! Definately it may had been done on purpose

Author — Danii Niila


The bit about the noise... not needed, has no impact on how fire spreads. Be more selective in speech

Author — Flux Standard


I have to watch this for home learning in quarantine

Author — Cleo Fry


I I’m Dining at my school about this and it was in pudding Lane in 1666 I was okay and he saw the monument and pudding lane and you know I decide because the house is what two together so the fire was spreading and I saw

Author — R4orm_VisionYTFN


what home work makes u do (i hate history SO MUCH)

Author — Sam83 Is random


To much bla bla bla ! My lady ...are you psyho ? Not for real people ! That great London fire was to dismantle the Old World only !

Author — Stoian Nitu