127. M/S. 15 How can I put on a bagger and take it off my Snapper rear engine rider

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How easy it is to put on a bagger and take it off. if you have any questions or comments please leave them in the description box below. JT I hope this helps you out. And welcome to the Snapper community, And as always work safe have fun and let's cut some grass. Thanks Jim

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I’m glad I found this video, thank you Jim. I couldn’t figure out why the grass clippings weren’t ending up in the bagger drawer. Now at least I have a way of getting to the chute to check for a clog:)

Author — Sabine Hammer


Jim - thanks for the info on the two types of rear bagging systems and how to install / remove them. Your discussion of the changes B&S made to Snapper riders after 2012 was helpful, and also reminded me of the changes made after series 5 riders when the rectangular tube front end design debuted and the seat was no longer mounted to a leaf spring, but instead directly to the very rigid main case assembly. Do you have an opinion about which seat mounting design is most comfortable to you? I have a very bumpy yard and the one time I used my 1978 series-1 with leaf spring seat suspension (bought for $35, barely runs, going to fully rebuild this winter, but was at least able to test it) it seemed much smoother than the two newer-series Snapper riders I normally use that have no seat suspension. I imagine there are better aftermarket seats available with internal suspension systems, but from what I have seen they can cost hundreds of dollars...

Kent in Minneapolis

Author — RWP RWP


Love your vids! Invaluable for the Snapper owner! Would love it if you would show a bit of the detail on your exhaust deflector shown in this video. I have a double bagger and have to get a different version of the exhaust deflector so that I can install the rear bumper stabilizer. Thanks again.

Author — NFPowercat78


Just bought my first RER, used to have a 21" Hi Vac years ago and LOVED IT, its a 23 Series 33 inch with the 17.5 engine for 350 BUCKS!!!! One owner, bought from our local Snapper dealer with the ninja recycler kit and the twin bagger. All paperwork including the receipt from march of 08 when he purchased it, very well taken care of machine. It ate the thick and tall grass in my backyard for lunch and for giggles attached the bagger just to test the bagging without having the "Air Lift" wings on the blade, it did an awesome job on the front yard but the back was a bit too tall but it damn tried and filled half way with one stripe of the yard before the tube clogged. If it were to go slower in 1st gear it wouldn't have clogged I don't think. Awesome machine and a very lucky find on my part, just needs a battery for the electric starter but cranks with one pull of the rope.

Author — The Shadetree Smith


Hi Jim, great video. I've ordered a single bag kit for my snapper SR1030, part # 7060942. Man I hope I've got the right one. I ordered through a local dealer so there's likely no return. I'm also not sure of the year of my SR1030. I also hope I don't regret the single bag set up. Didn't realize there was an option until watching your video. I'll admit, finding one of these bagger kits online wasn't as easy as most things where multiple choices come up. I had to keep searching over and over with different search terms before I found one. Then it didn't appear that I could easily order one. So I went to a local small engine dealer. Although I belive they are a certified snapper dealer, or parts supply, I didn't notice any snappers on their huge showroom floor. Anyway, I've watched your videos before dealing with my snapper....good work and Thank you!

Author — Ron Walters


Really looking forward to the reassembly. thanks Jim

Author — Randy Sandberg


Great job Jim as usual I learn something new all the time from your videos. On my 30 + year old snapper I have the drawer type bagger. I don't have the mud flat type device by your muffler however. Is this for the bagger or to protect you from the muffler?

Author — John Terebetsky, Jr


Hey Jim, great videos. Where do you get the reinforcement brackets for the mower you did the demo on?

Author — brwildcats


Thanks for your video, can I use the ninja mulching blade while using the fist leaf bag or the, original one that came with the mower, thank you

Author — Nelson Fernandez


Sure would be nice to have a bagger on my newly acquired used Snapper. Looking at the bagger makes me depressed thinking it costs quite a bit of money.

Author — Diane Vitale


Jim - I have a bagger, but haven't used it for 2 years, not after I discovered that while using the snapper to blow the leaves to the center of my acre yard, to make one big pile- going always in a clock wise direction- that when I got to the center- all the leaves were gone-mulched I guess-I later found on you tube a couple of commercial yard care guys were experimenting doing the same thing and it was working for them- I've had Snappers for 48 years and only on my 2nd one- thans- John from Bloomington Indiana

Author — John Flynn


Better question. How do I get a bagger for my series 23 for less than a million dollars? Desperately seeking a bagger for mine

Author — Chris Dillon


Hey Jim, just purchased a used 28” and found someone selling a small bagger cheap big it was missing the bag and bag ring. Buying the replacement bag is easy and cheap but having a hard time finding a bag ring. A seller on eBay gave the dimensions for the ring but didn’t show the slip section to try to build one. Do you have one for sale ? If not, what thickness is the ring. Is it solid? I can engineer a makeshift clasp to put the bag on but kind of need some info on the rest of the ring. Thanks in advance. Rick

Author — bigrickd1957


Hi Jim, any idea where I can get a replacement for the the 2 bagger part where the tube connects 8:32 to? believe the part is Snapper 7035706YP. Jacks wants $183, crazy....

Author — dogsarefun2


Do you have a part number for the reinforcement bracket. I can't find one.

Author — Quick Cal's Garage


I found a gentleman willing to sell me a bagger, it's the smaller bagger, but I have to figure out a way to extend the metal pipe/mount on mine because I put that 17 HP opposed twin on it and turned the engine around to where the carb and mufflers are on the back and the shroud also extends off of the back a couple inches. Maybe I can make some blocks out of 2X4 to go between the back of the mower and mounting bar. I'll figure something out, I need it for the leaves this fall...

Author — Jeff Stone


I can't figure out how to empty it without pulling it all thru the hole.

Author — Dennis Grant


Can you tell me if there is a 2 bag option for a new 33" rear engine model#2691526,

So far I can just find the large single bag option

Author — Jeff Rosner


where can I get the reinforcement brackets for the bagger support arms?

Author — Larry Tucker


Need one for my recently bought 2010 craftsman 28" mower.pulling my hair out finding one. Snapper?

Author — Mike gorton