5 Weird Ways To Shred Lettuce

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5 Weird Ways To Shred Lettuce 5
Today, we're exploring different weird ways to shred lettuce. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE #1695

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💬 Comments on the video

i need more rhettward scissor hands bring him back for another gmm

Author — qdvjlydx


Rhett looks more and more like one of those guys you’d see on a romance novel at the grocery store.

Author — Tohru Marie


I want a shirt with Rhettward Scissorhands slashing lettuces please!!

Author — JP Mensch


I have just heard the most scary sentence, “ Here Link take the ax.”

Author — Sara Beth


Rhett: *flips hair back*

Link: “what are you looking at?”

Author — Dark Slayer14


There’s something extra sexy about Rhett today 😂 The way his hair is flowing, the way that shirt looks on him, and the way he threw that lettuce in the air and caught it with the scissors. 10/10 dude

Author — Alexandria


I feel like Rhett fulfilled his dream of being Edward scissor hands

Author — 7 w 7


That’s exactly how Depp looked when he was trimming the neighborhood dogs hair in the movie

Author — Dakota Kunkle


“Are we only using this Bob?”

“That’s the only Bob we’re using”

Author — Peter Borja


Rhettwards Scissorhands was IN THE ZONE with those lettuce heads lmao

Author — Yakisoba Dreams


i feel like link was a little kid who wanted to try everything “can i try can i try” and rhett was just his father that just didn’t want him to hurt himself but was still encouraging

Author — Abby Zolner


Fun fact: if you try and break INTO prison, no matter whether or not you get caught, you get to stay!

Author — G Hafford


Rhett's extra goofy today and I'm here for it

Author — Makira


I would line up around the block to see my Lettuce Daddies using Mr. Bob Wire to cut up lettuce

Author — Chloé Hunter


14:25 When Wolverine decides to go vegan.

Author — fosnof


This week: "We're going to save this lettuce for Josh to use later"

Last week : "This cake cost us $20, 000 to make!"

Author — Machine Head Studio


Sharp objects + Link?! LETTUCE pray... 🤷🏻‍♂️

Author — NatPicking Tutorials


Links face when Rhett says “rhettward scissor hands” 😂🤣 14:52

Author — Donutboy 420


Cotton Candy Randy's next appearance needs to start with "Hi, Lettuce Daddies!"

Author — RowAidsTV


Link: "Lettuce doesn't smell great, is that why Subways smell weird"

Author — StonerHesperia