James Paget - The Hero Within

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James Paget - The Hero Within 5

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I was eating a taco while listening to this it was the most epic taco i have ever eaten

Author — Jimmy Baond


...I'm surprised there aren't a ton of AMVs using this song.

Author — Espinoth


Through action, Man become Hero
Through death, Hero forge Legend
Through time, Legend change to Myth
Through children, Myth create dream
Through dream, Man arise


Author — wojten13


"Great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame. Whatever the cost."

Author — Ano Saan


"All it takes is a spark to ignite a fire."

Author — ForestBells


0:00 long ago, a young, idealistic, natural-born leader sees his planet in shambles, chaos and civil war consume it. He leads an army in a bid to take control of the dying nation.
0:08 A series of successful campaigns knocks out his enemies one-by-one.
0:23 After consolidating power, he surrounds himself with the brightest and most talented advisers the population can offer. The planet recovers from the civil war and begins to rapidly modernize and industrialize, building an enlightened and freer society.
0:38 With great big ships, explorers and pioneers venture out across the galaxy, colonizing other planets, expanding the influence, securing more resources.
1:09 A rival system and galactic power in decline, fearful of this new emerging empire, gangs up with its allies to try and take them on. Overconfidence and failure to adapt to revolutionary new doctrines destroys them, securing this new empire's place as the dominant force in the galaxy's Orion Arm.
1:24 They continue to expand and grow their strength and influence, reaching far and wide across the vast reaches of space.
1:40 Expansion is forced to stop, the nation focuses on developing and building up its current domain, building infrastructure, spreading science and democracy, establishing law and order.
2:03 Seeing their cities grow safer and wealthier, many native societies assimilate well, a lot of them joining the imperial armies and navies.
2:18 A balance of power is established in the galaxy as other major powers expand. Some are worried about this change, but the emperor and his council reassure the people there is a bright future ahead.
2:49 After periods of war, with rival nations trying to solidify an exact balance of power, and some revolts in the farthest reaches of the galaxy, the empire finally settles into an era of peace.
3:20 and onwards, some other shit happens, I dunno. Something very epic.

Author — Malsy Pright


NASA should send this song out in space in case some aliens species picks it up!

Author — Seriksy


Why does he have a chicken foot?
Arise Chicken, Arise!!!

Author — Zac L


I was born at a place called James Paget Hospital. This being in my suggested tab creeped me out.

Author — Pond Scum


i could run forever listening to this no stopping

Author — Millie Ansestria


"Great works are not performed by strength, but by perseverence."

Author — Malandrac of Cascadia


still makes me want to kill things... the things are demons now so i guess its a start

Author — James Arnott


This just made writing my dull research paper become the most epic, awe-inspiring experience ever.

Author — OboeWhizzy


"Here i am... in front of my enemies... enemies whose once were my friends, my comrades... yet they face what i've become... what i have chosen... all this people in front of... will never retunr home" -Fanfic-

Author — NaldoTeleportGP


Came back to this channel after a longer break. Didn't regret it =)

Author — Grax


this music literally represents one of my characters in my story!

Author — Highkage in the land of WEED


I can't say how much I love this song!!

Author — Aníron


What it takes to find the hero within is less than one thinks. It's having hope where everyone has given up, it's believing in and having faith in the things you do. You don't need to be brave (It helps) but you need to be strong. Have strength to fight hard, and never give up. That is what it takes.

Author — Theinsanegamer10


We have the choice to fight. We have the choice to make peace. Whether we choose to fight or be peaceful, there is always a way to be great, to remembered. There is always a way to release the hero within.

Author — Theinsanegamer10


To die is to lose all reasons to live...Just cause a hero can last longer than you doesn't mean its because they were to be like that...They were someone like you... They just had the will to go on, they had reasons to live...Think of the future, live your present, and forget the past... That's how I gain my potential to go on in life...

Author — Wulfric Da Wulf