The Magic of Chemistry - with Andrew Szydlo

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The Magic of Chemistry - with Andrew Szydlo 5

If you were able to make a substance change colour, or turn from a solid to a liquid, would that be magic? Andrew Szydlo leads us through a world of magical molecules and enchanting elements in this Ri event from Wednesday 23 April 2014. From a liquid that boils at room temperature to gases that are heavier than air, this family event is full of practical demonstrations of the magic of chemistry.

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I was gonna make a joke about sodium and hydrogen, but NaH...

Author — Sophia Solvett


I have never seen someone talk non-stop without notes for so long and with such consistent enthusiasm. Amazing.

Author — Larry Mountain


He definitely didn’t like the clapping as made him feel like a performer, mark of a Great man .

Author — Imran Khan


I'd say his parents got their money's worth getting him that chemistry set. Brilliant, lecture!

Author — Harbinger City


Me watching this at 4am: I don't need sleep, I need answers

Author — Hatmann


I feel like the thought process behind the no applause is because he said "I am not here for applause" meaning, in my opinion, he doesn't want people to walk out saying "wow that guy was cool" but more so "wow that science was cool" so in a way by taking the credit away from himself he's giving it to the science that is happening instead y'know

Author — Maddie Carsello


"I must have tea or else I'll faint"... Can't be much more British than that!

Author — Vincent Drolet


How does his house look after 3 months of lockdown☠👽

Author — Ty Jamson


"Lunacy" like this should be mandatory to be a "teacher"... Because teachers exist to guide the student to knowledge, not to impose.

Author — Mario Joia


He is not here for Applause people, He is here for SCIENCE

Author — TheMartian1105


This guy is awesome :D but I feel like he's going to get a stroke by any minute. He just went almost one and a half hour in one breath.

Author — CZTachyonsVN


I fell in love with this man when he brought out his childhood chemistry set, that is so sweet. He had a wonderful childhood experience which he is still experiencing and sharing with all of us. I have a friend who just turned 100 and he has the same love of life, child like enthusiasm, love of learning and discovery. I have another friend who was a dentist, he went sky diving at age 87, flew planes, rode a motorcycle, and worked tirelessly helping people with their arthritis by giving them bee stings, he cured my arthritis using this method, he was strong and active till around 95, he lived till 99.
This man, Andrew Szyldo, the two friends I mentioned and everyone who has this energy has made my arrival at age 70 a dream come true and I revel at the experience of growing old, learning each day, meeting new people and being a part of a massive dysfunctional family, a loving, crazy, at times violent at times incredibly self sacrificing, family of mankind. What an adventure we are on. One little bit of good we can do for one of our brothers, changes the entire world. Peace

Author — Evan Owen


This video is a an excellent example of how passion is infectious. He has a passion for chemistry and it showed, it drew me in and held me with rapt attention for 1 hour 22 minutes. The Royal Institution has a great knack of finding these kind of people and giving them a platform.

Author — robdahlgren0506


he's standing where faraday showed the world the earliest applications of electricity. love this guy! maintains the spirit of all the great lecturers

Author — Jaxon B.


9:00 Hey, that's my 5000ml roundbottom boiling better STAY OUT OF MY TERRITORY...



The only thing that stands between this guy and arson is his education.

Author — Shubham Bhushan


I could have watched a movie in the time it took to watch this.
I'm glad I didn't.

Author — QEDeezNuts


“Every car has a cylinder”
Dorito engine gang is deeply offended

Author — Tsu Shibu


I guess you can say that this guy has a

Burning passion

Ok I’ll see myself out now

Author — kohzhun wee


I wish he had been my chemistry teacher. So few people are worthy of applause, but he is.

Author — Toby Bardon