Tucker grills Ocasio-Cortez adviser over 'Green New Deal'

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Tucker grills Ocasio-Cortez adviser over 'Green New Deal' 4.5
Tucker Carlson takes on Robert Hockett, Cornell law professor and adviser to Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, over the details of the Green New Deal. #Tucker #FoxNews

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The "unwilling to work" line was NOT part of my satirical "doctored" screenshots. That part was real! Only thing I did was add "Free Massage Chair" and thought the joke would be obvious.

Автор — Mark Dice


Doesn't that guy look exactly like you would expect him to?

Автор — Phyllis Sinopoli


That guy reminds me of a disgruntled substitute teacher who tells the class "everything's a lie!" .

Автор — Lup Ras


This professor seems twitchy, crazy, and maniacal. Typical leftist.



You simply cannot have an honest conversation with these people.

Автор — CharlieJuliet Sierra


It came out of her mouth on live tv. Thats not proof enough?

Автор — Papa Crescendo


AOC has my vote! she says she wants to give an income to those who do
not want to work! I can retire at 22 and play video games the rest of
my life!

Автор — Joe Eoj


Dems - When in doubt, make something up. Or dress in blackface.

Автор — Preston Tribble


The first topic that Tucker brought up, the "unwilling to work will still get paid, " was DEFINITELY in the plan released from AOC herself. Hockett just clearly LIED about it not being in there because he TOO disagrees with it yet cant own that. He is just a big plump of LIES.

Автор — isaiah young


So clearly that guy is saying the text in her deal plan is not to be interpreted literally in any way.. so we need the LSD decoder ring to understand it. Like scientology

Автор — Hazin


This guest is such a meme-worthy character that it begs the question of whether this whole skit was staged for ratings.

Автор — TheWin200000


What an idiot... not only is it written... AOC said it in an interview!!! We are now all the more stupid for what that tossed-salad haired professor just said. AOC is IGNORANT !!!

Автор — Ezra Pound


What the EFF is up with this guy's hands?? I wouldn't take directions from a guy with hair and hands like that. Much less Environmental policy

Автор — TXchadTX


What a scumbag. He looks as mentally unstable as aoc so it's fitting he is on her side.

Автор — Jd Davis


The professor is an obvious liar. He teeters in his chair like a 3 year old who is hiding a blatant lie and acts like a nervous wreck

Автор — Brandon Conn


I used to think that going to an Ivy League school meant you were highly intelligent. That may be true, but listening to the dribble these “Ivy League Professors” say on a daily basis.... The students definitely are not leaving intelligent.

Автор — SMSV2008


When did Kramer become involved in politics? 🤔

Автор — New Level Auto


"Individuals can't do that" here it is folks. This phrase tells all about the socialists. This phrase alone should be enough to ring warning bells. Their goal is to take away your individuality.

Автор — Sinogy


Let's release a statement, and if EVERYONE thinks we are foolish then just deny we wrote anything in the statement we just released, got it

Автор — Michael Canney


They'll give any twat the title of Prodessor nowadays.

Автор — Mikala Baker