Tucker grills Ocasio-Cortez adviser over 'Green New Deal'

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Tucker grills Ocasio-Cortez adviser over 'Green New Deal' 4.5
Tucker Carlson takes on Robert Hockett, Cornell law professor and adviser to Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, over the details of the Green New Deal. #Tucker #FoxNews

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I love this guy, he uses the same balloon as Bernie Sanders to brush his hair

Author — jsbccan


I am seriously considering becoming a Republican. These Leftists are just mind boggling.

Author — LmCT


AOC has my vote! she says she wants to give an income to those who do
not want to work! I can retire at 22 and play video games the rest of
my life!

Author — Joe Eoj


This professor seems twitchy, crazy, and maniacal. Typical leftist.



The first topic that Tucker brought up, the "unwilling to work will still get paid, " was DEFINITELY in the plan released from AOC herself. Hockett just clearly LIED about it not being in there because he TOO disagrees with it yet cant own that. He is just a big plump of LIES.

Author — isaiah young


The "unwilling to work" line was NOT part of my satirical "doctored" screenshots. That part was real! Only thing I did was add "Free Massage Chair" and thought the joke would be obvious.

Author — Mark Dice


Is this same guy that says "Aliens" on the History Channel.

Author — LLGoldstein


After 8 years this prof has lifted a burden off my shoulders - I no longer feel bad about not getting into Cornell.

Author — angela weston


Umm dude, you need to straighten out your wig.

Author — Kathryn Molesa


Dude comes on national t.v. without combing his hair and wants to be taken serious. lol

Author — Brandon Durham


This twitchy meth addict needs a better wig, was this a SNL skit?

Author — Jeffrey Kuster


This guest is such a meme-worthy character that it begs the question of whether this whole skit was staged for ratings.

Author — TheWin200000


Robert Hockett looks like the reporter Abe on Designated Survivor

Author — ArtsAndCraftsDay


What about sea freight are we going to make electric powered container ships

Author — Dick McNair


This guy has so many bizarre characteristics and speech patterns. I suspect too much LSD.

Author — Moto Rick


Professor has chimp hands, maybe a chimp brain too

Author — Marco Bischoff


Let's release a statement, and if EVERYONE thinks we are foolish then just deny we wrote anything in the statement we just released, got it

Author — Michael Canney


How much cocaine did this guy do before going on air?

Author — Req


I thought the hair was weird till I saw the hands. Wtf ?

Author — AltWhite


Got to feel bad for him trying to clean up her mess

Author — Steff S