High Frequency Facial At Home for Acne, Wrinkles, Under Eye Circles, Cellulite & More!

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Tired of acne, wrinkles, under-eye circles, and cellulite? Getting clear skin can get pricey after frequent trips to the spa! You can try a high-frequency facial at home! In this video, I explain all of the benefits of High Frequency for your skin and body. I also have a tutorial on how to use the device!

I initially found out about high frequency when I was at the worst of my acne. My esthetician used this on me and it healed my skin so fast. Besides acne, I learned that high frequency is basically a cure-all for many other skin and body issues!

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Here's my blog post with all of the written details on high frequency:

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💬 Comments

This was so informative!!! I just bought one on Amazon after I saw someone using it on IG but I was nervous to actually use it myself 😅

Author — morrigan gossett


This is one of the best tutorials that I’ve ever viewed about any topic! You’re very warm, authentic, right to the point and very informative.

Author — Deborah Russell


NOT FOR ANYONE WITH HEART PROBLEMS, PACE MAKERS. So when you’re about to touch the tip to your face you’re supposed to ground the tip before putting on your face and before you release for your face. You ground the tip by placing your finger on it then placing on your face, you then remove your finger. Same thing for removing from your face.

Author — Antonia Silvas


So glad I found your channel! I just got this on Amazon, and wanted to see the best way to utilize it. Great, clear instructions, thanks! Ps- love your hair 😊

Author — Heidi Everhart


Thank you for sharing. Daughter in law has one and told me about it. Bought on Amazon. Found you on YouTube. You answered so many questions. I’ve used it 3 times so far and actually think I really like it. Skin feels tighter. Time will tell and I am on a fun path. Thank you!!! Maybe looking into buying the humidifier facial from the same company. Good things about that.

Author — D-Dub


Thanks for this video. It encouraged me to buy my own high frequency device for thirty bucks (Amazon). I already do microcurrent facials and microneedling at home and this device is the icing on my skincare cake. It dried up my zits within 2 days and it refined my skin texture. My pores look smaller and the skin looks healthier. I also think my skintone is a bit rosier and more even. It surprised me that this cheap device could change my skin noticably, because I already do a lot of stuff.

Author — Max Mustermann


I started using this 3 days ago. I have horrible dark circles. I used the spoon attachment. After the first pass, that area lightened up considerably. I could not believe it. Instead of dark purple appearance, they have lightened to a light brown. Unbelievable! So now when I put my makeup on along with concealer, they are totally covered. It is so weird to look in the mirror and not see them. I am 47 and have had them my whole life. I did not tell my husband. He said your skin looks really good. He was trying to figure out what was different, lol. My eyes aren't tired anymore either. I feel more alert.

Author — noconfuznhere


Your review is so clear and straight to the point!

Author — T Wvea


Beautifully executed, informative video! Thank you so much!

Author — Blessed Butterfly


Hey thanks so much for this! Very informative. It sounds like you can use this daily (yay) but do you recommend it for a morning or nighttime (before bed) routine?

Author — Jessica Johnson


Hi, thank you for you instructions, very clear and helpful! I have a question however. I was just gonna use my wand for the first time and when turning it on slowly, it stopped working after 2 seconds. Why is that? Anything I can do to fix it? Hope it’s not broken. I appreciate your help.

Author — Eilen Katarina Lunde


Question. What to do if you feel a stinging sensation when you put the bent tube directly on acne spots?

Author — Denice Kim Dellosa


If you use a gauze with it its becomes more beneficial because the gap the gauze provides will lift the electrode off your skin a teeny bit so the "zap" will go deeper. Also, when spot treating you can lift off up to 1/4 inch away for even better results.

Author — Isabella Marcelo


The gauze is important because it promotes oxygen flow which is how the device works. The thicker the layer of gauze between the wand and the skin, the more oxygen is circulating and the more efficient and effective the device is.

Author — The Beauty Files


Very informative, thank you! I have never had this bad of acne so I went to the doc to get meds and I went to an estetietion to get on a regular schedule with facials and she used this on me and encouraged me to get one on amazon. I bought the same one (I think) but had no idea how to use it. This video was helpful and I can't wait to continue practicing with it!

Author — Kiersten S


this is such a good video! some questions i have i don’t know if they were answered in the video but - what frequency do you put the tool on usually and also do you wash your face after? like is there gross stuff on your face after? thank you so much this video was so informative

Author — Sophie Kuc


Great video! Try it with a big gauze wrapped over the tip. I swear it is so much easier to glide over then take it off when you spot treat. I do it both ways but with gauze it slides so much easier. Also put your finger on the stem of the glass right before you touch it to your face so it doesn't arch and shock you from far away. Just my 2 cents lol you also have great skin!

Author — L L


Thank you so much. You got right into it. Extremely informative. 😊

Author — P


I normally don’t watch you tube but after having 7 children, I wanted to start taking care of my skin since I’m 34 and starting to notice aging a little bit. I invested a lot in skin care serums, treatments, face washes and all kinds of stuff then I found this. I ordered this and a microcurrent machine also, so I got those and microdermabrasion device as well as a micro needling tool along with some other stuff. It seems super overwhelming since I don’t really know how to use them in the right order but I do know order is important! I used this device twice since I just got it and I truly love it! I found it through my esthetician and it’s amazing but through all the info I looked up, your video was by far the best as far as information! So thank you!!!!

Author — Erin Rae


Very informative!! What do you apply after using the high frequency? Serum and moisturizer?

Author — Jive C