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Hey guys! Welcome back! in this video you will see Top 10 Smart Ideas, i hope you enjoy this tutorial like i do :)

Welcome to my channel o SHOW o where you will learn How To make videos and Life Hacks,DIY, knives, toys, old weapons, slingshots,, electric motor car, electric hand tools using creative ways. More I'll show you how to make hand crafts, firecrackers, toy grenade, lifehacks etc in low cost..

This video is intended for scientific and entertaining purpose only.Any actions in this video shall not be a call to repeat them! Do not try to do this at home, The author shall not be hold liable for any of your actions performed.

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Ok how many people besides me are wondering why they watched this 🥺

Author — scottpc1234


I just gotta say the world is doomed if these are our TOP TEN SMART IDEAS

Author — Craig Earl


Please help I missed all the "genius" parts. Are they in a separate video?

Author — Keyboard Warrior


If I don't see match heads in a light bulb, I'm gonna be pissed!

Author — unusual username


Thanks a lot! Once again wasted my life time for pure nonsense.
What a trash!

Author — wiejetze


When do the smart ideas start?!? A candle housed in plastic...genius. Hope you like toxic fumes.

Author — Paul Fox


unnecessarily complex.
Always apply the kiss principle.

Author — nunya biznes


The Vaseline candle is like a junky trick for when you cooking a spoon and your zippo runs out.

Author — Ronnie Ronson


I guess nowadays the definition of "smart" is what I grew up as having "common sense".

Author — Larry Belitsky


Is there a number to call to get my life back?

11m 42s waiting for a single smart idea. Thank God for ad blockers.

Author — Sapere Aude


Here's a smarter idea, instead of turning a pot of vaseline into a candle... buy a candle?

Author — Daniel


Those straws immediately reminded me of, well something that goes up your nose. Thanks 😋

Author — Chris Trudell


Dowsing and re-lightning a candle. Genius.

Author — Isaac Vizenor


Changes title to: how to waste a bunch of perfectly good candles, and other silly stuff you 'can' do.

Author — Rue Koegel


Video should be called "TOP 10 THINGS TO MAKE WHILE ON METH"

Author — Phreakwar PC Custom Builds


The first one really annoyed me when you drew the circle round the bottle, but did it in the center of the plastic. You wasted so much material. Great Video though!

Author — Joshua Small


Title: Top 10 smart ideas

Thumbnail: set a lightbulb on fire

Author — Kyle Hobbs


I've got 1 smart idea you could use that light bulb for.

Author — cody davis


I guess these would be good ideas if you were a hobo riding the rails and had to survive on your wits.

Author — Debbie Thompson


I'll warm up my hands directly using that lighter, rather than wasting my time making that candle using light bulb😂😂😂

Author — Faizan Khan