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During this Inside Look Bedros talks epigenetics, cognitive performance, and data surrounding Covid with best selling Author Shawn Stevenson.  Dive in as Shawn shares his knowledge and  on nutrition, food, and how we can become healthier.  Tune in for some valuable hacks surrounding Magnesium and Omega’s from Shawn Stevenson’s book “Eat Smarter.”

• 00:37 - Welcome Author of “Eat Smarter” and “Sleep Smarter” Shawn Stevenson.
• 03:20 - Food is much more than our weight, Shawn explores all the parts of our body food impacts. 
• 06:12 - Bedros asks Shawn to dive deeper into what epigenetics means.
• 13:32 - Our genes expect us to do certain things like eat real foods.  Learn what happens when we get away from that. 
• 14:44 - Shawn touches on the large increase in Diabetes and Heart Disease since Covid struck.
• 15:30 - Shawn shares more on epigenetics and on the biology of fear. 
• 21:59 - Hear how stress can compromise a rather healthy person’s immune system.
• 23:50 - Bedros asks Shawn to share why he thinks the virus is happening now.
• 31:23 - Shawn explains why a pharmaceutical approach to Covid will not work and how we need to get people healthier.
• 35:30 - Shawn encourages listeners to look at the data out there. There is another side of the story that is being censored.  
• 38:35 - Source site: Shawn recommends looking up on Google, “Johns Hopkins third leading cause of death medical error” to start your research.
• 41:40 - Bedros speaks on what we can control, what we are eating and how he can help his listeners improve their lives to operate better. 
• 42:33 - Shawn answers Bedros’s questions on how we optimize ourselves where eating is concerned. 
• 43:52 - Number 1: Hydration and your Brain! What is your water routine and how water is so important to your brain and body function. 
• 46:36 - Number 2: Electrolytes and how they contribute to your brain talking to your body. 
• 51:44 - Bedros speaks to the excellence of Shawns new book “Eat Smarter” and how talented he is at breaking down science in a fun and easy way to grasp.
• 53:38 - Shawn shares extraordinary hacks about cognitive performance surrounding Magnesium and Omega’s.

“Food literally determines how your memory functions”
Shawn Stevenson


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It’s so refreshing to see an interviewer genuinely engaging and learning from his guest. Seemed like I was watching a real conversation and not a scripted interview. Well done! New subscriber and definitely getting the book, especially now that I know their opinions on Covid.

Author — Jessica Hartman


Watched it all. Another amazing guest. Will definitely check out his audiobook. If everyone saw this, we'd be living in a healthier world. Thanks Bedros!

Author — Matthew Turner


I love this guy...
Learning alot of science here

Author — fitness hommie


Got the book.... and the audio book! 😁

Author — James Kean


"If you're 44 percent penetrated, you're still penetrated"

Author — V.V.


Love Shawn. Much respect bro. Tell the truth and shame the devil. Who am I kidding, these devils have no shame.

Author — CubicleInvesting


Anybody taking Krill oil and see some diferences? :)

Author — Bazos Marek


Diet and nutrition is so personal and what works for one may not work for someone else. Shawn talks about “green leafy vegetables” but I stick to a carnivore diet with a small amount of red wine and am feeling better then I felt in my 20’s and I’m mid 30’s

Author — CrystalH0909


Ok I won't agree that brain of water, it's made of fat cells.... But it most definitely needs a water and it's essential for the brain not just for the body... 👍🙌

Author — al tar


Why all of the beeping? Is Shawn Stevenson actually cussing?

Author — Ray J.


Word of caution: Shawn Stevenson posts some pretty controversial, and *dangerous* advice on Covid, through his channels (e.g. preaching against wearing masks). Any attempt to post scientific research that contradicts his views, is blocked, no questions asked. Be very careful listening to this person.

Author — Evan Noway