Larry Bird and Bill Laimbeer have genuinely hated each other for over 30 years

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Larry Bird and Bill Laimbeer have genuinely hated each other for over 30 years 5
Larry Bird and Bill Laimbeer stood in the middle of an intense Celtics-Pistons rivalry spanning the late 1980s and early 1990s. But the individual feud between those two wasn't just a battle within that war. It was personal. It was beef.

Starting with his trade to the Pistons in the early 1980s, Laimbeer built a reputation as not just a strong rebounder and scorer, but a relentless pest. On one hand, he'd make dirty and dangerous plays, then act like nothing had happened. On the other hand, he'd flop and whine to bait the referees into calling fouls on his opponents.

Nobody despised Laimbeer for this quite as much as Bird did. Bird's public campaign against Laimbeer's style of play dated back to the Celtics-Pistons playoff series in 1985, and really took off after Laimbeer started a brawl by fouling Bird hard in the 1987 playoffs. Bird accused Laimbeer of intentionally trying to injure him, and never withdrew the accusation. Even decades later, these two NBA legends maintain an icy distance because of how things played out on the court.

This beef might never end, so in this episode, we learn about what built it.

Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
Directed and edited by Jiazhen Zhang

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Author — SB Nation


The older Larry bird gets, the more he looks like a bird

Author — Ray Warren


Bird: "I was trying to throw the ball to the referee." "Bill's face just got in the way."

That's a keeper.

Author — Diabolik Mitchell


Bill: "Hi, Larry"

Larry: "Fxck you, Bill"

Larry Bird is a god.

Author — Chi Sun


Dude, the Jordan interview where he calls Laimbeer and Bird dirty was cut prematurely. Jordan went on to establish that Bird was intelligent/smart in his play while Laimbeer was just a thug.

Author — Vignesh Swaminathan


Seriously, who hadn’t had beef with Beef Laimbeer.

Author — Jonathan Cruz


Did they just call Bill Simmons a “fan”? I think we may have some fresh beef on the menu boys

Author — Nate Chapek


The 80's Eastern Conference was a war zone.

Author — Salad Bar


Once Laimbeer got in your head you stopped thinking about the game you’re playing and started thinking all about kicking him in the teeth. Lol I think Rodman took a lot from him.

Author — LoWliFe_Gaming_ YT


More like Bill Laimbeer vs literally everybody

Author — Haile Daniel


You guys should make a beef history for Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart

Author — King Noob


1986: real nba rivalries
2020: enemies join same team

Author — Wes B


Seth please narrate all of SB Nations episodes.

Author — Shakti warrior


He called Rick Mahorn his “fouling companion” 😂😂

Author — Keith Boggs


14:51 ".. Bird was interviewed by a fan.."

That passive aggressive shot at Bill Simmons is absolutely fkn EPIC. Well played sir😂😂😂

Author — Costa Zambaras


Laimbeer was the epitome of LOVE him if he’s on your team, HATE him if he’s not. He’s a Detroit Legend and one of my all time faves.

Author — Matthew Rooks


Twitter would've been on fire back then

Author — OrganicSoulJazz


When you think about it, Bill Laimbeer could have a SB Nation series all on his own. Bill Laimbeer vs Kevin McHale. Bill Laimbeer vs. Robert Parish. Bill Laimbeer vs Scottie Pippen. Bill Laimbeer vs. Charles Oakley. Bill Laimbeer vs. Michael Jordan. Bill Laimbeer vs. his own teammates

Author — mg19cal


Beef history: Antonio Brown vs his career. 😂😂😂

Author — kindley fernand


Love that they pointed out the Celtics players walked off the court early just like the pistons did later and got killed for it while it’s rarely mentioned the Celtics did the same to them

Author — tyler ramirez