Johnson tells Varadkar no-deal Brexit 'would be a failure' - BBC News

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Johnson tells Varadkar no-deal Brexit 'would be a failure' - BBC News 4.5
Brexit is expected to dominate a meeting between Boris Johnson and Taoiseach (Irish PM) Leo Varadkar in Dublin.

It is their first face-to-face meeting since Mr Johnson became prime minister in July.

A no-deal Brexit would be a "failure" that both the British and Irish governments would be responsible for, Boris Johnson has said.

He has ruled out asking the EU to delay the Brexit deadline of 31 October - but the Irish government said it would support another extension.

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Bojo looks like a man under a lot of pressure, while thinking “wtf have I got myself into?!”

Author — Jimmy Jams


If 3 years wasn't enough time, how is a month a possibility?

Author — Jayyy Zeee


Boris looks as if hes not there, as if hes just realised his left the stove on.

Author — matt southall


All big talk. Proposals please Boris!

Author — Simon Simon


Agriculture is less than 2% of the Irish economy, yet it seems to be the only sector certain UK politicians ever talk about.

Author — Boreas74


Love how the Brits always treat Ireland like we’re still one of their little colonies. Soon as we make suggestion about our border it’s suddenly all “how dare you, you shall respect our SOVEREIGNTY”. Yeah, how’s about you respect ours?

Author — Johnny R


Boris clearly doesn't realise a "peaceful" border was only achieved 30 years ago. People still remember the fear

Author — Forget Cyrus, Trump is Commodus


His face of utter confusion makes Trump look like a Zen Master

Author — Manuel Cruz


One statesman.
One naughty schoolboy completely out of his depth.

Author — Michael RCH


We will be optimist on the beaches, we will be optimistic on the landing grounds and the ports, will be optimistic on the seas, will be optimistic with growing delusion and overconfidence in the air!!! We will be optimistic in the fields and in the streets, we will never surrender to reality!! And if this island or a large part of it were financially subjugated and starving, then in God’s good time, our empire, which we no longer have, will come to our rescue with trade deals of our wildest dreams. And if our imaginary empire lasts for a thousand years people will say, “ this, was their most deluded hour!!” -Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (Uproarious applause)

Author — Magnus Marz


Boris is a man who has very much barged his way out of his depth.

Author — David Fryer


As an English person, I think Leo Varadkar's speech was considered, thoughtful and admirable, but Boris Johnson's words were despicable and embarrassing. I offer a huge thank-you to Ireland for standing by the Good Friday Agreement, whilst the UK has failed to. And I promise to perpetually argue vehemently against the lies of all the brexiteers that Johnson currently heads.

Author — Matilda B


Bojo body language does not look great; he looks lost & not knowing what to do next.

Author — Prince Daniels


BoJo hasn't a clue and hopes someone else will offer a solution which he will then claim credit for.
E.U.'s strategy: "You got yourself into this - you get yourself out". Oh! and you can do it in 30 days (smiley face).

Author — WilliamLHart


The fact that this clueless imbecile is gaining in the polls fills me with despair at the U.K. electorate.
Still, after years of dumbing down education and the media it’s no wonder people want it to stop getting in the way of X Factor and Love Island.

Author — Colin Savill


The Sun gas a heavily edited version of this uploaded on YouTube

Author — davediesel90


Varadkar's grin at the beef and cheese remark…

Author — Florence Hazrat


Can Irish government temporarily take over governing the UK for a while, please? They seem more...competent?

Author — mehfoos


After three years, they are finally discovering the wheel, i.e that Ireland is an Island, that it has an all Ireland economy, the Irish race are everywhere on the Island and that they do not want to be separated.

Author — Mf Doyle


Is Leo standing on something or is Boris

Author — bluejules80000