Mandisa - Prove Me Wrong (Lyric Video)

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Mandisa - Prove Me Wrong (Lyric Video) 5

Mandisa - Official Lyric Video for "Prove Me Wrong” from her new album ‘Out of the Dark’, available now!

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Music video by Mandisa performing Prove Me Wrong. (C) 2017 Sparrow Records

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My mom died on April, 4 I'm 14 years old and my birthday was April 7. She had a clot in her lung and she couldn't breathe. She died leaving behind a 43 year old husband and 3 kids ages 14, 10, 7. The first 2 lines I started crying. Momma loved Mandisa. She wanted to meet her so bad but it was cut short. This is by far my favorite one of her songs

Author — Foster Rapping


I know you'll probably won't read this, but I'm in tears now. I heard once that God can deal with our honesty, we don't need to pretend to be ok before him. I pray this song and the album will be a light for those who still question. I hope your testimony will encourage others to trust God even when it doesn't make sense, even when it hurts. Thanks Mandisa, greetings from Germany.

Author — Frank Morgan


Such an honest cry. So beautiful! I'm sure Out Of The Dark is gonna be Mandisa's best work yet!

Author — Gabriel C.


I've asked that same question many times. But God has continuously proven me wrong. He's a wonderful, Awesome, loving Father. I love you Jesus. Awesome God😘

Author — Amarachi


Realest song I've heard in a while. In the wave of death and the unbearable sorrow, God shows us that His Almighty love is big enough to keep us.

Author — Christian Thompson


Can't wait to get the album when it comes out! Mandisa is so talented! God has truly blessed her with an amazing voice!!! Beautiful song!

Author — Garrett Agee


Mandisa, I'm Brazilian. I'd like you to know that God changed my life through your songs. I didn't understand God's grace the way I do now and the lyrics you sing helped me being myself with Him. I thank you so much for believing in this message you sing. Never stop! This world needs people like you.

Author — Heitor Lima


Beautiful song! ❤ My eyes got watery in the first verse 😭

Author — Dani Loves Food and Tom Holland


Absolutely beautiful! It's SO right on and accurate. Sometimes we have to get to the core of honesty before the light breaks through the darkness. AND He always does break through and prove us wrong.

Author — Tonya Dieterlen


My great grandmother just passed away two days ago, she was the sweetest and kindest woman I’ve ever met. Please pray for my family ❤️

Author — Jilny Soto


I love this song Mandisa! Very powerful. I lost my grandmother when I was 6. she died of Alzheimer's and cancer. Keep doing what you're doing it helps a lot of people! God bless you

Author — mia.


As I listen to this for probably the twentieth time at least in the past half hour I watch the lyrics and I can't help but have tears flowing down my face as I think of the meaning of this song for your friend and then the meaning also to me about my grandma. I thought she would be healed but she joined Jesus almost 6 years ago and as it's still hard I know I will see her again one day.

Author — Lauriel42


This song helped me when my mom passed away 4 years ago

Author — Ashley Engle


😭😭😭my heart is broken i lost my dear friend too days she sleep forever

Author — asf wond


Very emotional song.❤️ Beautiful lyrics for a beautiful friend.

Author — Jennifer Coggins


The feeling I have with this song so deep it reminds me of my aunt Mamie she died August 6, 2015 she was 53 years old. I can relate to this song #ProveMeWrong!

Author — QueenBri


Someone once said, "Grace always enters through our wounds. Very often it is through our wounds that others are healed." Her pain, clearly shown in this heartfelt song, is healing all those in similar circumstances. God bless us all.

Author — singing4hope


Oh my gosh I love this song I will listen to it ALL THE TIME now❤️😜💝🤗😄I love your songs and your movie Christmas angel 😇💞💖💘when I am crying I literally turn your songs on and then I am crying of joy!!!

Author — Viola Graham


Wow, this song are my words! Just a year and a month ago my baby died after birth, just 12 hours with me. Im about to give birth again, and even Im happy with the arrive of this baby girl, I cant stop asking God why, why I cant have my baby boy with me too.

Author — Denisse Ortiz


Mandisa you know how to write songs that touch more than just our hearts but our souls. thank you.

Author — blykhim