Scroll: Silent Disco In The Sky

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Northern Stage presents Scroll: Silent Disco In The Sky
Written & Created by Daniel York Loh
Performed by Ericka Posadas
Produced by Moongate
Special thanks Gwendolyn Sim, Jennifer Lim, Rajesh Thind, Ghost & John

Content advice: contains some strong language and references to racist terms.

Age recommendation: 14+

To be experienced while waiting for the bus.

Black and minority ethnic people are twice as likely to die from Covid-19 as white people.

So when you’re on the front line in the path of a ruthless pandemic with no papers, no status and no adequate protection against either the virus or the toxic racism that permeates in the air…

And your best friend dies, you can only dance alone and you can only dance silently.

More Filipino healthcare workers have died of Covid-19 in the UK than in the Philippines. The Philippines has a population of 109 million, with a Filipino population in the UK of 200,000 making up 0.3% of the total population.

Silent Disco in the Sky is inspired by research interviews conducted by Daniel York Loh and Rajesh Thind.

Scroll intro music credit: Beldina Odenyo Onassis - Heir of the Cursed