QF72 | Hero pilot Kevin Sullivan's quick thinking saves 315 people | Sunday Night

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QF72 | Hero pilot Kevin Sullivan's quick thinking saves 315 people | Sunday Night 4.5
It's the most terrifying mid-air emergency in Australian aviation history - flight QF72's autopilot tried to kill all 315 people on board. They were only saved by the quick thinking of Captain Kevin Sullivan - so why has Qantas refused to give him and the crew the recognition they deserve?

This story originally aired on the 2nd June 2019.

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Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Channel 7 for allowing us the opportunity and the platform to share our story on the Sunday Night program, June 2, 2019.

I am so relieved and blessed that we were able to finally do that in detail. I have read most of the comments and I am just so overwhelmed by all the love, support, prayers, and kindness from you all towards our 'Heroes' namely Qantas Captain Kevin Sullivan (Ret.), First Officer Peter Lipsett, Second Officer Ross Hales, and the entire QF72 crew.

I also would like to make a special mention for another Hero of ours who has kept a very low profile since 7 October 2008. That 'Hero' is none other than off duty Qantas Customer Service Manager, Diana Casey, who with complete disregard for her own injuries and safety, saved others from further injury by miraculously securing them into their seats and strapping them in.

I also want to mention the part that was edited out from the Sunday Night program and that was Diana Casey (again) calming everyone down at the rear of the aircraft, especially the children who were all frightened, screaming in fear by singing a children's song that we all grew up on. That song was 'Row Row, Row, Your Boat, Gently Down The Stream'. They sang that song all the way until the aircraft came to a complete stop at Learmonth Airport.

Diana Casey, you are an example of what a real true Australian Hero is made of!

God bless you!

Your brother always,
Fuzzy Maiava

Author — Fuzzy Maiava


Fuzzy having depression and suffering unimaginable pain yet he's fighting for Kevin Sullivan's recognition. This man is an angel!

Author — burgerpatty


Technology is cool and all. But it should never be able to control and not allow pilot to take over.

Author — OFF ROAD


"What you did to my kid'....The Captain did not do this....AIRBUS The Captain saved the airplne, PERIOD!!!!

Author — Tim Duggan


Passengers: *Exists*
Plane: I'm about to end this man's whole career
Pilot: UNO reverse card

Author — Ubisons


I was a passenger on this flight from hell. It feels surreal to see myself in the resurfaced video from close to 11 years ago. I was the guy in the white shirt who stood on the right of Captain Sullivan, listening to him attentively while he tried to explain our predicament on a megaphone. I want to take this opportunity to thank this unsung hero, Captain Kevin Sullivan. Without him, my life would have been cut short nearly 11 years ago. Thank You SIR! SALUTE!

Author — Geige Yong


Perfect reason why you put your seatbelt on when the fasten seatbelt sign goes on

Author — Yacht Rock Crew


I can't believe anyone would be angry at this captain for their children being injured. Yes people suffered injuries but he is NOT to blame for that. Because of him, those people survived, otherwise they would have been dead. I hope that he someday forgives himself for people being injured, you can tell he blames himself for that. I won't ever fly Qantas.

Author — Professional Commenter


33.000$ for the steward ? I wiil never fly Qantas

Author — Rob Nolan


Wow, I will never fly Quantas airline ever! What they did to Fuzzy is horrible!! He should be at minimum getting a monthly disability check!
I travel and I love to travel. If I can't get to Australia without Quantas, then I won't go!

Captain Sullivan you are a true hero!

Author — mommy2kdk


Before flying check if the captain's name has any kind of 'Sull' in it

Author — Suyesh Bhandari


Qantas should be boycotted until this pilot and his crew gets the recognition they deserve

Author — Ka'imi Cabacungan


Credit to the host/interviewer who showed great empathy and compassion.

Author — Jay Lane


I'm a pilot, although retired....BUT? I know how to fly, still. WHEN I see skill? I recognize it!!!!

Author — Tim Duggan


It breaks my heart to see this pilot feel as if he let the passengers down, he saved their lives!

Author — Vanessa Woodall


So Fuzzy was an Employee of the Airline suffers from depression PTSD, he gets screwed out of a proper settlement; decides to focus his efforts on a campaign to get Sullivan & the rest of his former crew the Cross of Valor. Fuzzy is the perfect example of taking a positive from a negative.

Author — Tripp M


Less auto pilot and more fighter pilots! What a hero. I’m glad I don’t fly...

Author — Tammie Weiss


There was a book written many years ago by Tom Wolf called "The Right Stuff" it was about pilots like Captain Kevin Sullivan and Captain Sully Sullenberger who had the ability to maintain their composure under extreme adverse circumstances and still perform their duties as captains of their aircraft. The book was made into a movie called "The Right Stuff", the book is excellent and the movie was good too.
"The Right Stuff" was something these pilots had, but it could not be defined exactly what was "The Right Stuff". It did have something to do with their ability, skill, intelligence, intuition, and a lot of luck. A good part of the book was about the great test pilot Chuck Yeager a former United States Air Force officer, WW2 flying ace, and record-setting test pilot. In 1947, he became the first pilot confirmed to have exceeded the speed of sound in level flight.
Sullivan and Sullenberger deserve all the honor and acknowledgment that can be bestowed upon them, the saved the lives of themselves, their crew, and their passengers, and in my opinion they are heroes.

Author — Marten Trudeau


Also, Becky’s eyes are unreal. Out of this world gorgeous.

Author — mbg140897


Please start a GoFundMe for Fuzzy. So sad.

Author — David Angelo Chiapoco