QF72 | Hero pilot Kevin Sullivan's quick thinking saves 315 people | Sunday Night

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QF72 | Hero pilot Kevin Sullivan's quick thinking saves 315 people | Sunday Night 4.5
It's the most terrifying mid-air emergency in Australian aviation history - flight QF72's autopilot tried to kill all 315 people on board. They were only saved by the quick thinking of Captain Kevin Sullivan - so why has Qantas refused to give him and the crew the recognition they deserve?

This story originally aired on the 2nd June 2019.

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I was a passenger on this flight from hell. It feels surreal to see myself in the resurfaced video from close to 11 years ago. I was the guy in the white shirt who stood on the right of Captain Sullivan, listening to him attentively while he tried to explain our predicament on a megaphone. I want to take this opportunity to thank this unsung hero, Captain Kevin Sullivan. Without him, my life would have been cut short nearly 11 years ago. Thank You SIR! SALUTE!

Author — Geige Yong


The pilot is not to blame. He's the reason they're alive.

Author — Sandra D


It broke my heart when the captain walked back and people were looking at him like it was his fault

Author — Lemonade lemon


He was handed a faulty plane - and landed with 315 souls going home to their families - Give him recognition Quantus!

Author — What's it all about


Dude saved 315 people, he deserves all the recognition. It’s like the Hudson River, reimagined

Author — Off-Centred UwU


I’m disappointed that the pilot wasn’t recognized for his quick thinking that saved the people’s lives. I think severe injuries are better than death.

Author — Aoman Brine


*She looked down at her ankle and said that's not right* and flipped her freakin foot around and put her ankle back in place... what a boss

Author — Krystin T


Fuzzy was screwed over by a company he loved and was devoted to.

Author — kookaburrakookaburra


The pilot didn't injure those children, he saved them!

Author — Martine Griffiths


i feel so bad for Fuzzy. apparently his daughter was hit by a speeding motorist years later and got terrible brain damage and needs 24 hour care. prayers to him man

Author — Ok Houston


Autopilot: *I'm about to ruin this captain's whole career.*
Captain: *Not today.*

Author — mapletree


I can't believe this man has not been recognised with saving this plane from crashing . He is a true hero ! WTF is wrong with you Qantas

Author — Nicole Ace


If I was rich. I would send Fuzzy a million dollars. God bless him.

Author — Deep Earth Choir


Since this was filmed, Fuzzy's daughter was struck by a speeding motorcylist and now requires 24 hour support. He also receives only $580 a week. He has not received a settlement from Quantus.

His situation has been horrific and I hope this raises some support for his position!

Author — Jon


The pilot shouldn't feel any guilt because it is not his fault! They are alive BECAUSE OF HIM!!!
I want to give Fuzzy a big hug!

Author — Channel for an Art Lover


Kevin Sullivan, I dearly hope you read this.

You are, without doubt, the most courageous and amazing individual.
I hope you learn to embrace the wholeness of your heart/and not feel like it broke when you walked down the aisle of the
YOU saved those lives.

You are a HERO. 10O%.

I respect enormously the courage it took for you to step back from being a commercial pilot and allow yourself the bravery of grieving, healing and acknowledging such a hugely traumatic event/experience. I wish you peace. I wish you the honour of always having such good humour (it is a gift in its own right).

I wish for you the safety of self confidence that you overcame such an obstacle.
I wish you gentleness that a true gentleman deserves.

Life threw you a heck of a curve ball, and you should be incredibly proud of your humanity and resilience.


Author — Harriet King


It wasn't his fault, it wasn't anyone on boards fault. It's only the fault of the people making the glitchy systems.
Sullivan and the others like Fuzzy are heroes and should be treated as such. Much respect

Author — SteviiLove


There is another hero here: Australia's medical team who did a great job by helping injured people and sending them back to a normal life.

Author — WAJDI flah


That captain... what a hero, served so poorly for his bravery. This man is an angel. Fuzzi as well.

Author — 愛.


I can't imagine loving flying and being a pilot, being an Air Force vet and never wanting to fly again because of PTSD. Poor bloke, Sulli you're a hero

Author — anonymous