Russian Individual Ration Pack IRP | tasting a Russian MRE

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Russian Individual Ration Pack IRP | tasting a Russian MRE 5
Having my very first taste of Russian military rations on this episode of Emmy Eats a Russian IRP (Individual Ration Pack) on Emmymade in Japan. Big thanks to gundog4314 for sending me this ration and for making this episode possible. :) New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday!

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"This is best beverage I've had in any ration." *drinks jam*

You're the best, Emmy.

Author — Reborn Snuzzles


All of you laughing about dissolving jam in water - people have been doing that for centuries lol.

Author — Alsy


ЛАЙК кто хочет попробовать теперь залить повидло водой и попробовать

Author — Бубной Чумон


"Oh, that's not very good"

That's because you just put a packet of sugar in water hahahahah <3

Author — Countess K8


Заебись, она растворила в воде повидло и говорит что это лучший напиток из всех ИРП...

Author — ba4a


haha emmy you're so cute. you invented the hot jam apple cider :D

Author — Erra


You also weren't supposed to drink the apple butter, but I'm also going to try that since you reacted so positively to it lol.

Author — Conrad Russo


Watching this as a Russian is so adorable. I salute you for always being willing to try something new even if it doesn't make sense!

Author — Sovereignless Soul


honestly I'm surprised at how well the Russians eat compared to some of the other nation's IRPs

Author — Starfucker


Чуть не заварила вместе с чаем дезинфицирующую салфетку, растворила пакет сахара в воде думая что это юпи, и под конец залила кипятком повидло:))) охренительный обзор получился))

Author — KaduhiN


wow I love the million comments of everyone correcting her how was she supposed to know xD

Author — Faithy Poo


Тут, конечно, всяких перлов хватает, но после того, как она залила повидло водой и сказала, что это лучший напиток в ИРП, я начал аплодировать стоя. Однозначно лайк. Давно так от души не смеялся.

Author — Александр Сычёв


I’m Russian.. I love how you try everything no hesitation!

Author — водка


It is not apple hot drink, it"s an apple jam !!! some solders mix this apple jam and cheese from this mre and it is good !

Author — anmishel


Кто здесь русский и просто сума сошли. Она думала что сахар можно пить!

Author — Eva K.


Та что все на девчонку так напали из-за повидла и сахара?С кем не бывало по не знанию? Тем более у нас такие напитки да чуь ли не каждый делал.А вон Solid вообще таблеток для мытья посуды нажрался из итальянского ИРП. Его вообще что ли в лесу за ноги повесить надо вместе с оператором? Показали б мастер-класс по выживанию.*D

Author — Вова Степанов


My eyes widened quite a bit when you dumped 4 teaspoons worth of sugar in a glass of water and bravely drank it,  your comments were priceless "that's not very good, there's not really any flavour to it", you were adorable :)
I'd just add a couple of general knowledge things.
You will not find any spiciness in the food as russian cuisine has historically been very bland - sugar, salt, horseradish and pepper were basically the only condiments available and sugar became widely accessible relatively recently, post-war 2, so it is still a taste that many people crave, hence jams, condensed milk, gigantic sugar packets).
All the dishes are known to 99% of Russians: beef, cabbage soup, peas, porridge (buckwheat, rice), processed cheese, meat spreads, you will not find any exotic Thai or Mexican dishes that US or Canadian MREs boast. Also, because of this choice to stick to century-old recipes, all the ingredients are produced within the country (except cocoa beans for chocolate :)). This is why you don't find any fancy dried fruit or Brazilian nuts :)

Author — Costa Gavras


Повидло залить водой... это, что-то новенькое...

Author — Юрий Беляев


Crazy russian hacker may help u read russians

Author — Syadzafi Muhammad S


It makes me really feel delighted that this “Russian set” includes some Ukrainian stuff. It means that we are still friends😉

Author — Valeriia Ovchynnikova