Bronchoscopy Procedure, South West Acute Hospital

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Bronchoscopy Procedure, South West Acute Hospital 4

This video shows what to expect if you are coming in for a Bronchoscopy Procedure in the Day Procedure Unit of South West Acute Hospital.

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I had bronchoscopy when I was 3 and after seven years I had nose surgery cuz I had sinus

Author — Leayourmom


thank you for thix video- Ive been recently diagnosed with an autoimmune lung disorder they dont know what is ( edging towards sarcoidosis with my eyes being inflammed) and never been sick in my life this procedure had me terrified- you helped my anxiety a LOT! so that you for this video

Author — monkadelic


Got one tomorrow after 4+ months of pneumonia that just won't go away. Thanks for posting this video.

Author — E B


I had a broncoscopy couple of years ago, I wasn't out of it had no sedation and although no pain the sheer panic I felt when that tube went down was horrifying, never again

Author — Trish Holland


I almost had it last week at King's Lynn hospital but I escaped from the room, it was a torture, nothing like on this video.

Author — Maciej Stachurski


I had a double lung transplant and this procedure is done regularly to check for organ rejection. I am given meds to put me in a twilight sleep, similar to the meds for colonoscopy. They do the procedure through the throat and remove pieces of lung tissue to test. I have never had problems or pain

Author — sophies mom


this is very painful and may have many complications, causing lung bleeding.I did not get anesthetic,
but I'm happy survive.
a lot of strength for my comrades

Author — krisztina cs.


I had a bronchoscopy last week. There is NO need to worry for those who are scheduled for the procedure. I was petrified before my exam! But with a skilled doctor, there is no need to worry. The meds that are provided before the procedure will remove ALL anxiety. I am glad that I will finally have a definitive diagnosis next week after wrestling with this problem since the beginning of the year. If you need a bronchoscopy, please do yourself a favor by having it done by a skilled pulmonologist. You won't be disappointed.

Author — M


had the second one yesterday i couldnt eat the night before after 12:00. I was totally out i felt nothing . I had pain in my throat for a few days. I am glad its over

Author — mr shark


thank u 4 posting this video
but what the pt. shoe do in the theater room??
even it 4 demonistration

Author — Mhnd Mhdi81


What is going on with this subtitles? They are such a joke...

Author — Agnieszka Sławińska


What the ? For! Why? Who is sick ? Not me.

Author — Maria Makinen


I would never allow this unless I was completely out of it just like they would put you out for surgery. I hope I never need one of these

Author — Judgment Proof


my father in low passed away right after 3 hours of bronchoscopy on 29 jan 2018 he was suffering from shortness of breath😥😥😥😥its very hard and horror

Author — Sara Gul