The Road to Moscow - German Invasion Plans - WW2 - 067 - December 7, 1940

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The Road to Moscow - German Invasion Plans - WW2 - 067 - December 7, 1940 5

Wilhelm Canaris once again disturbs Hitlers plans to drag Spain into the war, as the Germans finalize their plan for the Invasion of the Soviet Union which is scheduled for the summer of 1941. Meanwhile, the Greek counter-offensive into Albania loses steam and the Pope objects to the German T-4 euthanasia program.

Written and Hosted by: Indy Neidell
Produced and Directed by: Spartacus Olsson and Astrid Deinhard
Executive Producers: Bodo Rittenauer, Astrid Deinhard, Indy Neidell, Spartacus Olsson
Creative Producer: Joram Appel
Post-Production Director: Wieke Kapteijns
Research by: Indy Neidell
Edited by: Mikołaj Cackowski

Colorizations by:
- Cassowary Colorizations

Narodowe Archiwum Cyfrowe
USHMM, photograph number 60468
IWM (HU 76031)

A TimeGhost chronological documentary produced by OnLion Entertainment GmbH.

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Author — World War Two


Hitler out there planning to invade USSR, while I can't conquer Greece...

Author — David Gârbea


I can see no problems with this plan. The Red Army can't have more than 100 divisions. Tops.

Author — Valdagast


December 7th, 1940! A date which will live in inf.... Oh no, wait - too soon.

Author — Rune Væver Hartvig


Grandpa fought in Albanian front (Greek side) and always refused to tell us what he did during the war.
When I was a kid I was playing Counterstrike with some mates in my room and lets just say that we were very loud and happy with our "headshots".
Grandpa walks behind me and tells me. "Don't shoot him in the head, shoot him in the gut. If he is lucky he is going home and you'll be able to find the rest of them by following his screams". Stupid me answered something in the lines of "you don't know how to play this game". Grandpa left, game was over and after a minute of silence I realized that this was the darkest thing I ever heard in my life.
Grandpa died a couple of years later. All my family knows about his days in the war was that he returned two years later, barefoot, full of lice, so thin he wasn't recognized and that since then it was my grandma that killed the livestock.

Author — Tolis Mortadelas


Seeing the struggle that you guys are going through just to publish HISTORICAL content infuriates me to the bone. How will a world in which Youtube-like censorship has taken complete hold? What exactly are they trying to do here? Filter out the horror inherent to human existence? I understand that there is certain content that should be banned, or we would run the danger of unleashing the worst in human nature through people making money by exploiting the penchant of many individuals towards morbosity for morbosity's sake. Nevertheless, I can't help but suspecting that there is a certain degree of paternalism towards the audience at play that is being implemented by individuals that somehow expect that by censoring the atrocious side of existence are going to create a better world. Good luck to them... because they're only going to foster a generation of trembling, deluded, and hardship-intolerant individuals who will crumble in the face of the four horsemen when, sooner or later, they gallop out of oblivion rearing their ugly head at humanity.

P.S.: I forgot to mention that I agree that faulty algorithms are the main reason for this kind of problem. This is an excellent channel no one in his / her sane mind would demonize it. These guys have created a a wonderful pedagogical tool for the learning of history.

Author — Marcos Trujillo


People always forget how massive the Royal Navy was.

Author — Jon Baxter


Present:War between youtube and history

Author — România Countryball


In the long term, millions in bribes were cheaper than adding another enemy to the war.

Author — richard cutts


December 7, 1940: a date that will live in anonymity.

Author — Sam Aronow


More than one year in, I still kinda miss the " *This* is modern war" from the great war channel.

Author — Samar Vora


I sincerely hope the next episode is titled “The Empire Strikes Back!” in relation to that potential African offensive...

Meanwhile, I bet the USSR is happily chilling about all these German preparations.

Author — Simon Turner


Mildly Off Topic: I had to click through TWO "do you really want to view this?" prompts on the War Against Humanity episode while I was waiting for this one...

Author — SomeGuy InOhio


0:55 What was Molotov doing while Hitler was speaking about his plan to invade Moscow in front of him?

Author — pnutz 2 - fmr. capnazrael


This week in the Greco-Italian War:

In the Gjirokastër area, Sq. Ldr Marmaduke Pattle, perhaps the top British Commonwealth flying ace in WWII, made his debut as a flying ace on December 2, and shot down an Italian Ro.37bis reconnaissance biplane from 42nd Squadron, 72. Gruppo, 8 km (5 mi) south of the Albanian city of Gjirokastër. In the afternoon, during an offensive patrol carried out by twelve Gloster Gladiator Mk.II aircraft, from No. 80 Squadron RAF, Pattle shot down another Ro.37bis from 72. Gruppo near Permët.

Οn December 3, 1940, at 1000 hours, the Greek 'Dimokostoulas' Detachment' (an ad hoc formation out of II Infantry Division (Μaj. Gen. Georgios Lavdas) composed of one infantry battalion, plus one infantry company & one artillery battery named after its CO Lt. Col. Ioannis Dimokostoulas) took Përmet with just 81 casualties (6 KIA). The Italian military (elements from the 37th Mountain Infantry Division 'Modena' under Brig. Gen. Luigi Trionfi) and civil authorities withdrew towards Këlcyrë (Klisura). 250 Italians made prisoner.
On December 5, Lt. Col. Mordechai Frizis was killed in the Battle of Hill 1220, near Përmet. Frizis was the commanding officer of the Greek 'Frizis' Detachment', an independent formation of two infantry battalions, plus one MG platοon & one artillery platoon, that had successfully confronted the invading Italians on the shores of Kalamas river in the early stages of the conflict, and was now ordered to prevent the enemy's withdrawal from Përmet.
Frizis was a Romaniote Jew, native of Chalkis, Euboea. He is the first Jewish high ranking officer KIA in WWII and the fourth overall Greek high ranking officer KIA since the beginning of hostilities with Italy. He was 47 yo.
Lt. Col. Frizis was promoted to Colonel and became a Gold Cross of Valour, and a War Cross recipient, posthumously. He was one of 12, 898 Greek Jews who served in the Greek Armed Forces in WWII. 513 of them were KIA, 3, 747 were WIA.

The Albanian port-city of Sarandë, the most southern supply port of the Italian armies in the country located on the Ionian coast - that had been renamed 'Porto Edda' in honour of Mussolini's daughter Edda by the occupation authority established by Fascist Italy - fell to the Greeks on Friday, December 6. The Greek 'Lioumbas' Detachment' (an independent formation of seven infantry battalions, three cavalry squadrons and four artillery batteries named after its CO Maj. Gen. Nikolaos Lioumbas) took the city against minimal opposition. The Italian military and civil authorities, had already withdrawn towards Himarë. The Italians were now left with the two Albanian ports of Vlorë in the SW, and Durrës in the N at their disposal. The Greek HQ had already chosen Vlorë (Valona) on the Adriatic coast as the next objective. If the Greeks succeeded in taking Vlorë, the problems associated with the supply chain for the Italians would increase with just the port of Durrës (Durazzo) available to them in the entire country.

Italian Supreme Commander Pietro Badoglio resigned 'at his own request' (sic) after the loss of Sarandë, and was replaced by Gen. Ugo Cavallero.

On December 7, the Greek artillery began shelling the road to the second largest port-city of Albania, Vlorë.

Author — Αποστόλης Μ.


The british bribed the Spanish Military command?? Well that's an angle I never knew

Author — TheGetout04


You dont need enemies when you have generals like Franz Halder on your side

Author — Qaisar Jan


After watching the Soviet debacle in Finland, this will be over before Christmas. No need for winter clothes

Author — Tom M


Wow one of the most perfect plan ever, the Soviets nearly lost vs Finnland. What bad can happen ?

Author — Arató Béla


The Germans: We'll crush Russia!
The Italians: